Application Kits

RESTORATION, PREPARATION & PROTECTION ALL-IN-ONE In addition to Ceramic Coating, each application kit includes a unique bundle of Glidecoat Surface Preparation and Protection products to give you everything you need to restore, prepare and protect your boat, aircraft or vehicle.

ALPHA Upgrades Available

Surface Coatings

THE ULTIMATE IN PROTECTION. PERIOD. Designed to provide a better-than-new shine and superior protection against UV, salt, dirt, bait, fish blood, insects and more. Gel coat, automotive paint, glass or vinyl, we have the coating for you.

After Care

MAINTAIN YOUR SHINE Our range of custom-formulated after care products are proven to extend the life of your coating, preserve the shine and enhance the protective properties when used on a regular basis.

Surface Preparation

MAKE THE SURFACE PERFECT FOR YOUR GLIDECOAT SHINE Created to work with Glidecoat Ceramic Coatings, our line of surface preparation products will ensure your vehicle is 100% clean and free of oxidization, scratches, blemishes and contaminants.

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