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Glidecoat Ceramic Top Coating Kit is a Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Coating kit that will restore your boat’s gel coat or paint to a better than new shine. Starting with Nano Wash and ending with Marine Ceramic Coating, this kit gives you everything you need to prep and ceramic coat your boat. Available in 20′, 30′ and 40′ kits. If you require recommendations from our team on a custom kit to fit your needs, please do not hesitate to reach us at (561) 290-0165 and our team will be glad to help you.

The benefits of Glidecoat’s ceramic coating include:

• Restore old, dull gel coat or paint
• Protect and enhance new gel coat or paint
• Creates super hydrophobic surface that repels water, dirt, stains, fish blood, and UV rays
• Provides a Better Than New finish, increasing gloss and shine!
• Up to 18 months of protection
• Makes maintenance a breeze, far superior to wax

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  • Description

    Full Description

    Developed, tested and proven in South Florida, one of the toughest marine environments anywhere. Glidecoat is a unique process that provides a high-performance surface using nano ceramic materials.

    This process has had extensive field testing on all forms of watercraft in extreme weather conditions by accredited laboratories and has been proven to provide these benefits under the harshest conditions in marine applications.

    Why Your Boat Needs It. Now

    When it comes to boat surfaces, they suffer horribly from high UV levels, causing oxidization. And even a brand new boat is vulnerable to this damage. Truth of the matter is that even with wax applied, yacht and boat finishes lose surface functionality in a matter of weeks. Functions such as UV blocking, stain and salt resistance are the first to fail and continue to diminish sharply after that time.

    Providing the surface has been properly prepared for treatment, Glidecoat nano ceramic coating will deliver optimum protection of the original coating for up to 18 months and also provide the ability to maintain the boat with minimal effort. A simple rinse or light wash down after use.

    The Science Behind The Shine

    At Glidecoat, we have been focused on the development of surface protection solutions for several years. Based on our own extensive experimentation and testing, we have developed the right mix of components, couple with a proprietary application process that allows us to protect a new boat or to restore a powerboat or yacht, to the same surface conditions as the day it left the factory.

    Nano ceramic coating is the result of an application where actual nano-ceramic particles build a consistent network of molecules on a surface.

    This then makes that surface resistant to extreme corrosion, chemicals and UV. It also restores color, gloss and surface hardness. In addition, the surface becomes hydrophobic and repels water and dirt. This means it can be easily cleaned with a hose.

    Once applied, Glidecoat’s Marine Ceramic Coating will continue to preserve the surface of your craft for up to 18 months with little effort.

    If you are interested to see the results of clients using our ceramic coating, check out our case studies and/or


  • Benefits

    • Long term gloss and color retention to new or old paint
    • Restores contaminate paint finishes to a like new, glass-like appearance
    • Colors and graphics remain vibrant
    • Significantly improves the hydrodynamic efficiency of any surface
    • Provides hydrophobic qualities for resistance to water ingress and to repel stains from salt, insect impact or fish blood
    • Highly resistant to UV attack unlike normal wax products which start to evaporate at 110 degrees
    • Provides an ultra hard-wearing scratch and stain resistant coating
    • Highly oleophobic to keep transom areas clean from oil breather or diesel exhaust
    • Can be applied to gel coat, painted surfaces and metal finishes
    • Reduces ongoing maintenance of coated surfaces
  • Kit Contents
    • 12oz of Nano Wash
    • 16oz of Medium Cut Nano Compound
    • 16oz of Nano Polish
    • 16oz of Surface Wipe
    • 250ml of Marine Ceramic Coating
    • Four (4) application sponges
    • Four (4) microfiber towels
    • Four (4) pairs of protective gloves
    • Step-by-step application instructions
  • The Process


    How To Restore Heavily Oxidized Hull With Marine Ceramic Coating

  • Reviews (27)

    27 reviews for Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit

    1. Thomas P.

      Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. It’s been 4 months since I applied it to my boat and it looks like it was done yesterday. Everyone at my marina is commenting on how great it looks and asking what I used. Super shine, no black streaks, super easy to keep clean, just hose it off and dry. After a heavy rain it looks like it was just washed, dirt just washes off with water. I’ve had so much more free time to enjoy boating this year because I didn’t have to spend all my time cleaning. I’m enclosing some recent pictures. I can’t see any difference from when it was first applied. Thanks for a fantastic product, I’m telling everyone how great it is.

    2. Geoffrey Hassan (verified owner)

      What a great product. Talk about a mirror finish on my 4 year old boat!

    3. Paul P.

      First time user and just applied to my new Crownline 280 in LOTO in the Midwest and looks great so far. It is pricey, and you get what you pay for almost all of the time. Can’t compare a $30 spray that says it’s ceramic to this product – and I am not an employee or any way linked to Glidecoat other than user.

    4. Keith B.

      We’ve owned the boat since 2017 and have be cruising the Chesapeake Bay during the spring, summer and fall. I buff and wax it every year before it goes into the water and it looked good but never has it looked like this before. We will be using your product from now on!

    5. Pete Casillas

      I did my research on the best Marine Ceramic Coat out there and everything pointed towards Glidecoat , So I gave it a try and was impressed with the shine and protection it left behind! Easy for the DIYer the hardest part is the prep or gel coat correction. Thanks Glidecoat!

    6. Steve C.

      My son and I did a 36 foot Searay ,looks awesome, just want to make it last as long as possible. Have had quite a few nay sayers but they will eat there words when it comes out of the storage building, its blindingly shiny, will send pictures soon.

    7. Peter Maryott

      Thank you!

      Before launching my boat, I noticed that I had some oxidation on the sides and transom.
      The color was flat and didn’t sparkle.

      I reached out to Paul at Glide Coat and asked for advice. I have done this before. I work for a boatyard. We have used Glide Coat products on a number of boats including a Viking 60’ Enclosed Bridge.

      This 60’ was very well cared for. A white boat, used only summers, stored inside and always washed after every use and waxed each year. Sometimes twice a year.

      We Nano Washed the complete boat. We then used Surface Wipe to prep the surface prior to applying Glide Coat. This boat did not require compound or polish. Her owner is meticulous.

      When her owner saw her, he called to tell me he couldn’t believe how good she looked.

      Shortly after applying Glide Coat, the boat was run back to the storage facility where she was winter stored. I received a call from their team asking what we had done to the boat. They couldn’t believe she was the same boat. Their words, she sparkles.

      On my boat, Paul recommended applying Nano Compound to remove the oxidation and then Nano Polish to blend the finish. I did exactly what he said to do. What a difference. The hull looked great. The color was back to what I remembered, bright, deep, with lots of gloss and depth.

      I used Surface Wipe to prep the hull prior to applying Glide Coat. Following Paul’s instructions, I applied four coats of Glide Coat. I couldn’t believe how much better the hull looked after each coat. Wow. I thought she looked good before the Glide Coat application. Very impressive.

      My boat has been in the water since mid-June and looks as good today as she did when I launched her. After each trip out, I wash her with Nano Wash, chamois the hull and have a big smile on my face when I look at her.

      Glide Coat is a great product and save me from painting my boat’s hull.

      Paul and his team make the product even better. He never hesitates to spend as much time as needed to answer my questions. He often reaches out to one of his installers to help me better understand the process.

      I like Glide Coat and I appreciate the Glide Coat team.

      Thank You Paul and Thank You Glide Coat,

    8. Kenneth W.

      Kenneth W. – A full Michigan summer and it’s shines like the day I put in on. Love my GlideCoat. Great product!

    9. Bill Blocher

      Used the ceramic coating on mine. Worked great. Only problem is the salt water eat’s away the beading effect below the waterline. I use the refresher spray and it seems to work great. I used it on the center console and interior deck and sides. Beads up amazingly! Rinsing the blood is super easy now. 95% grade in my book. Blood, dirt, even the fish grime just wipes off where before it took chemicals to remove….

    10. Ruth

      Very happy with the kit we bought everything we needed to clean our boat! It turned out fantastic

    11. Mediator

      January 2020, Prepping our 2009 Chaparral Signature 29′ blue hulled boat was a lot of work. First we live in Tampa and the sun has beat on this boat since we bought it in 2012. Second I made the HUGE mistake of using Poliglow a couple times on the boat. When I tell you it was a #@%&! to get off, that is no lie, had to use floor wax stripper in small sections to get it off, and rinse before it dried. Some places it finally had to be wet sanded off the hull. Never EVER use Poliglow. We hit it with a heavy cut compound several times, medium cut compound, polish and finally did the prep per their instructions. The hull looks amazing. One of our neighbors asked us recently if it was a 2020 boat! LOL So yes the product works great. We were out on the boat for about 9 days and you could see the difference in staining on the white hull where I had not finished the rear and had taped it off. So nothing seems to stick to the product and the white part of the hull that is occasionally in the water seems to repel staining as well. Had an issue/question and the customer service was excellent. Will be buying the automotive product, and will probably be buying more of this to do the interior cockpit of the boat. Great stuff.

    12. T.Heagy


      I just wanted to let you know I finally got around to cleaning and applying the ceramic coating on my boat. Man-oh-man, it came out great. It looks better than showroom new. I am thrilled with the products I bought.

    13. Paul Westhorpe


      Hope all is well and you enjoyed the holidays. I wanted to drop you a line about your product.

      I finally had a chance to get to the boat I showed you with the chalky sides and I have to tell you your products were an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with! I have used a lot of products over the years and none of them even begin to compare to the Glidecoat products I used on that boat. Time will tell if it stands up in the harsh Bermuda climate but so far it has been a month and the boat looks like it came out of the show room. It impresses not just me but most importantly the owner every time we see it. I am onboard 110%

      I know we spoke about me being an agent in Bermuda for your products and id love to work with you and get more of this out into our market. I have my personal boat (all Paint) with Alexseal and also Awlgrip, I want to give it the treatment as well and also around April ill need to get the Tiara we spoke about in for some as well. So unless someone has beat me to it id love to represent your product.

      If your interested I can send you some before and after photos of the boat.

      Mark Powell

    14. Mark Elder


      I have sailed Victoria twice since the GlideCoat process was applied to my sailboat.

      The boat looks great and I am pleaded with the finished product / process.

      I sailed “Victoria” Sunday (9.22.19) in Lake Ponchartrain and a great sail.

      With me were two friends who had sailed with me before. Both friends quickly noticed the fine blue shine on my Harbor 25′. You should have seen the boat prior to GlideCoat; a dull faded blue, with several chalky streaks running down her hull.

      The boat looked old, slow, uncared for The reality is I keep care of my boat, but the elements of South Louisian’s, long summer’s sun, humidity, then rain and droughts, gave my boat a tired and sad look.

      Today, she looks beautiful sitting high and proud in her slip in Mandeville. And it gives me a sense of pride knowing that that boat with the shiny blue hull is mine.

      Thanks for your patience in dealing with me and I look forward to a long relationship with your company and GlideCoat.

      Next step is to order the patch up kit via Amazon.

      BTW, one other sailor near my slip asked if I had had my boat painted.

      If you wish to use my experience with your company I have listed below my contact information.

      Mark Elder
      H-25′ Blue Hulled / Tan Deck. WD Schock

    15. Lucas Hampel

      As the owner of a yacht detailing and maintenance company, I can assure everyone that this company and their product are top quality. Their Coatings are made specifically with the harsh marine environment of the tropics in mind so you know it’s better than a typical coating.

      That’s not the only reason they get five stars. All the representatives of the company from the CEO down are helpful . We were having difficulty with a particular project and one of their managers, Kyle, came to the boatyard to troubleshoot with me. In 17 years of working in the Marine industry, I have never had a vendor or manufacturer do that. Especially not on a Saturday evening!!! It speaks volumes of this company and I recommend them highly.

    16. Buster Hawthorne Jr.

      Direct email from Buster on his experience with our Top Coating Kit and looking for a solution to Dekit.

      Hope all is well, and have to say I am loving the glidecoat on the Venture. It has worked out great. I was checking to see if any of your products have been used on closed cell foam applications like Sea Deck? I have Dekit on the Venture while it is great on peoples feet it has been challenging to clean so I wanted to see by chance if you all had any products that could assist with that.

    17. Dave L

      Attached are some photos b4 and after the ceramic coating. There is a photo of each that has a jet ski trailer next to the boat in the same spot to show the difference. Honestly it is more noticeable in person. The colors are more deeper, especially the metallic flake is insane!

    18. Brad Barger

      Most people who see our boat thinks it looks new. Here are two photos of the boat after completing the restoration and ceramic coating application.

      Hull and Top Side

      Top Side

    19. Rodney Holland

      I stumbled across a product online late in the fall called Glidecoat, which I have now used on my previously oxidized navy hull sailboat. Full disclaimer here. I’m in no way affiliated with this family owned FL based company, other than having developed a bit of an online and phone dialogue with one of the sons named Kyle. The product is not inexpensive and it’s really a four step process but the difference in my hull is unbelievable! I actually invested in a gloss meter to allow me to objectively measure the improvement so it’s for real. The real key is going to be the longevity which of course I can’t comment on yet, but all I can say is WOW. To your specific question on wax removal, there are ways I could suggest for that however the compounds they provide in the process take care of that issue. They will kindly and patiently walk you through the steps and I can’t imagine you not being pleased. They are also good at helping you determine how much of each to the steps you need to buy based on the size of your boat.

      Again, Glidecoat is the product and the website is pretty impressive.

    20. Carla Patterson

      Our boat shines like a mirror!

      EdgeWater with Glidecoat

    21. James Romano

      Pics don’t do justice to the shine

      Sea Ray Top Side Shine with Glidecoat Ceramic Coating

    22. Andrew

      I am very impressed with the product. I will be applying it to all my boats from here on out.

    23. Peter Maryott, VP at Oyster Harbor Marine

      Remarkable! She looks better than new! Nothing sticks to the slick surface. Glidecoat put a huge smile on my face.


    24. Brian

      I own a 1999 Pursuit 2870 WA and amazed by how my boat looks like new after applying the Glidecoat Top Coating Kit.

    25. Joel LeVine at Redfin Charters

      Glidecoat has brought back the original black that I fell in love with when I bought this boat. When you run 800 charters a year among a fleet, there is no way to keep enough wax on a boat to protect from UV damage. After much research, we turned to Glidecoat and are very happy that we did. The color and shine are back reversing any visual damage, and so is our boat’s resale value. Thanks again for your help!

    26. Bill Karmis

      I had seen Glidecoat first in Amsterdam at METS and being a mid-western man who was raised to be a skeptic I filed this in my mind with snake oil. After doing some research though I concluded that what they were saying about sealing the gelcoat and making it super smooth made logical sense.

      This season I started with a full Nano Wash and proceeded to Buff with the Nano Compound. The results were amazing, I felt like I could see the gelcoat change as I went. The pores seemed to disappear and there was not a lot of residue or wheel scores of any kind.
      Applying the coating though was easy, and I was amazed at how all you did was wipe it on let it sit for a minute then buff off with a clean microfiber towel. No runs, no seam laps, just beautiful.

      I am completely confident that the “chalkiness” is gone forever. The Glidecoat Liquid Crystal has really sealed the gelcoat and will extend the life of this boat for many seasons.
      I had many questions throughout the process as I am just a boat guy, I am not a detailer or professional yacht maintenance person and the support that was provided was awesome.

    27. Dave Foynes at Fatty Knees Boat, Co.

      Applied Glidecoat to a new blue hulled dinghy we just built and it looks incredible. We will definitely look at using this product on our colored hull boats.

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