ALPHA Graphene Ceramic Coating


Glidecoat ALPHA is a pro-level ceramic coating infused with graphene to deliver next-level results with significant improvements in durability, hydrophobics, gloss and shine, while still maintaining a user-friendly application.

  • Description

    Glidecoat ALPHA is a pro-level ceramic coating infused with graphene to deliver next-level results with significant improvements in durability, hydrophobics, gloss and shine, while still maintaining a user-friendly application.

    Glidecoat has built its name in the marine industry by providing unmatched protection for your boat against the extremely harsh marine environment. Marine-grade ceramic coatings require a higher percentage of ceramic polymers to provide the level of protection needed for the marine environment, making marine coatings harder to apply than automotive coatings and less suitable for application to other vehicles. ALPHA was designed with the marine-industry in mind representing the applied knowledge of our years of experience, testing and customer feedback. But this coating is also our most versatile, providing marine-grade protection with an easy application no matter the vehicle.


    • Our Most Versatile Coating – ALPHA graphene ceramic coating can be safely and easily applied to your boat, car, RV, motorcycle, plane, or PWC. Apply to virtually any hard surface including, gel coat, single stage paint, clear coat, glass, bare metals, powder coated metals, rims, headlights, plexiglass, engine cowling and more! This versatility simplifies the coating process for users who want to protect multiple surfaces on their boat, or multiple vehicles with just one coating.
    • Enhanced Hardness and Durability – With the infusion of graphene, ALPHA is engineered to cure harder for long-term protection. Independent testing has shown up to 2 years protection in marine applications and up to 5 years for automotive.
    • Extreme Hydrophobics – ALPHA has a water contact angle greater than 100° and a water shedding angle of 30°. The high contact angle makes the surface extremely hydrophobic, while the low shedding angle allows the water to effortlessly run off the surface, making the vehicle more resistant to stains, easier to maintain, and less prone to water spots.
    • Improved Gloss and Depth of Color – Glidecoat’s ALPHA graphene ceramic coating increases the gloss of the surface by as much as 10% providing a mirror-like shine that enhances the depth of color for a better-than-new finish.
    • Easy DIY Application – The modified formulation allows ALPHA to maintain the high-level of ceramic ingredients while also being easy to apply.
      UV Protection – Glidecoat ALPHA provides excellent protection against UV. This means your vessel/vehicle is protected against sun damage, dramatically reducing the rate at which the surface oxidizes.

    Please note: While Glidecoat ALPHA can be applied to any hard surface, we do not recommend applying to vinyl cushions, vinyl wraps, fabrics, inflatable materials, plastic trim, rubber, or any other non-hard surface, as the coating will cure to a hard resin which could result in cracking of the material.

  • Benefits


    • Marine Grade Protection for any vehicle
    • Easy DIY Application
    • Up to 5 years of Protection
    • Graphene Infused Coating
    • Extremely Hydrophobic – over 100* contact angle
    • Increased Hardness – 9H+
    • Water Spot Resistance – 30* water shedding angle
    • UV Resistance
    • Stain Resistance
    • Chemical Resistance
    • High Gloss, Super Slickness
  • Durability

    Application Recommendations and Durability

    Type of Application Number of Coats Length of Protection (Durability)
    Marine Minimum of 2 coats Up to 24 months (above the water line)
    RV 1 coat Up to 12 months
    2 coats Up to 24 months
    Auto 1 coat Up to 3 years
    2 coats Up to 5 years
    Aviation 1 coat Up to 12 months
    2 coats Up to 24 months
  • Coverage


    Please note: The following chart is a guideline only. Variations in cars, boats, RVs and planes mean they will vary in terms of SQFT and surface materials. Following application instructions, you should yield 1 mL of coating per 1.2 SQFT with 2 coats or 2.4 SQFT for 1 coat. We strongly recommend a minimum of 2 coats for marine applications to achieve the desired results.

    Bottle Size Number of Coats Approximate SQFT Real World Equivalent
    30 mL 1 coat 72 SQFT Car, SUV, RV Cap
    2 coats 36 SQFT Motorcycle
    50 mL 1 coat 120 SQFT Truck
    2 coats 60 SQFT Car, SUV, RV Cap, Personal Watercraft
    120 mL 1 coat 288 SQFT RV up to 16′
    2 coats 144 SQFT SUV, Truck, Boat up to 16′
    160 mL 1 coat 384 SQFT RV up to 20′
    2 coats 192 SQFT Boat up to 20′
    250 mL 1 coat 600 SQFT RV up to 30′
    2 coats 300 SQFT RV up to 20′, Boat up to 30′
    500 mL 1 coat 1200 SQFT RV up to 40′
    2 coats 600 SQFT RV up to 30′, Boat up to 40′
    750 mL 1 coat 1800 SQFT
    2 coats 900 SQFT RV up to 40′
    1L 1 coat 2400 SQFT
    2 coats 1,200 SQFT
  • Application Instructions

    Application Instructions

    • Prior to applying Glidecoat ALPHA, the areas being coated should be fully prepped. Surface preparation depends on the level of oxidation, swirl marks, scratches, water marks and inconsistencies in the surface. Surface preparation will typically involve a full wash down, and compounding and polishing as needed.
    • Wipe all areas to be coated with Glidecoat Surface Wipe. This product acts as a decontaminant, removing any compound, polish or other residue left on the surface.
    • Shake the bottle well before and during use.
    • Apply 5-10 drops or a quarter sized amount of Glidecoat ALPHA onto the application sponge. Apply in a 3’ by 3’ area, using an up and down then side to side pattern. After 30 seconds to 1 minute, buff the coating by hand with a microfiber towel. You will feel some stickiness or resistance. During this step you want to feel like you are massaging the ceramic coating into the surface, using medium pressure. This will work the coating into the pores of the surface, while levelling out any high spots. Follow up with a second microfiber towel to ensure that the surface is smooth, consistent, and free of any excess coating.
    • Continue this process across all areas to be coated, overlapping each section.
    • If you are applying multiple coats, allow a minimum of 1 hour between coats.
    • Try to avoid applying Glidecoat ALPHA in direct sunlight. If the surface is hot, this will cause the coating to flash much faster, which could result in streaking or high spots. If you cannot avoid applying the coating in direct sunlight, then we recommend applying more coating to the application sponge or working in smaller sections.
    • Glidecoat ALPHA will fully cure in 24 hours. Avoid washing with soap for 7 days. If the surface gets wet within the first 24 hours, dry the surface as soon as possible.

    Please Note: If the surface temperature is above 90°F, Glidecoat ALPHA will flash at a much faster rate. In this instance, we recommend applying more coating to the application sponge or working in smaller sections. If you experience high spots, reapply Glidecoat ALPHA to that area and buff with a microfiber cloth.

  • Maintenance Guide

    Ceramic coatings have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but even with the popularity of ceramic coatings there is still a lot of misinformation about coatings and what they can do.

    Ceramic coatings are one of, if not the best product to protect and preserve the integrity of your surface, far superior to traditional wax and sealants. One of the most common misinterpretations of a ceramic coating is that they are almost maintenance free, or your boat/car/RV/motorcycle will not get dirty if it has a ceramic coating. That is simply not the case.

    While ceramic coatings are extremely durable, they require ongoing maintenance to ensure that you are getting the full benefits and protection out of your ceramic coating. With that being said, the main benefit of having a ceramic coating is that your ongoing maintenance is much easier and more effective (with less effort) than using a traditional wax or sealant.

    The following will explain how to properly maintain your ceramic coating to ensure you are getting the most out of your ceramic coating, and properly protect your investment.

    After the application of our Ceramic Coating, it is important to let the coating fully cure before getting the wet. A full cure of our ceramic coatings is between 24-48 hours. If the boat/car/RV/motorcycle gets wet or rained on during the curing process, dry as soon as possible, and avoid leaving water to air dry to prevent potential water spots on the surface.

    Allow a minimum of 48 hours before washing to ensure the coating has fully cured.

    After the coating has fully cured, we recommend the ongoing maintenance of rinsing (and drying) regularly, bi-weekly washes, and spot cleaning as needed.

    Ongoing maintenance is an important factor in ensuring that you get the most benefits from your ceramic coating. If a coating is too dirty, this layer of contamination (salt, dirt, bird droppings, water spots) will diminish the stain resistance and hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating, making it more difficult to clean, defeating the main purpose of a ceramic coating.

    Here are some general guidelines for ongoing maintenance of your ceramic coating:

    • Rinse regularly to remove contaminants from the surface. We highly recommend drying after rinsing, and avoid letting the water air dry, which may cause water spots. If you cannot access the area to dry, we recommend using a stream of water (not a spray nozzle) to remove contaminants while not leaving excess water on the surface that could cause water spots.
    • Bi-weekly washes (every two weeks) with Glidecoat Nano Wash or Glidecoat Ceraglo. Avoid using high pH soaps such as Dawn dish soap, or soaps that contain heavy cleaners or degreasers. These soaps won’t harm the coating after a few uses, but continual use of aggressive soaps and cleaners will expediate the wear of the top layer of coating. This will diminish and reduce the protective qualities of the ceramic coating, as well as reduce the longevity of the coating. Glidecoat Ceraglo is the perfect after care soap for you ceramic coating. Ceraglo is a polymer infused soap designed to increase the gloss of the surface while leaving a layer of protection on top of the ceramic coating to promote the longevity.
    • Avoid using stiff bristled brushes or abrasive washing tools.
    • Use a microfiber wash mitt or a soft bristled brush when washing.
    • Dry with a microfiber drying cloth or a clean chamois.

    In between your bi-weekly washes you may need to do some spot cleaning. Whether it’s salt build up, water spots from the rain, or bird droppings, we recommend cleaning them as you see them to make your ongoing maintenance that much easier.

    Here are some general guidelines for spot cleaning:

    • For excess salt buildup we recommend using Glidecoat X-Salt to safely remove the salt without harming the ceramic coating. Simply spray X-Salt on the surface, allow it to dwell for 5-10 minutes, then rinse it off. X-Salt can also be added to your wash bucket with Glidecoat Nano Wash or Glidecoat Ceraglo to help remove stubborn salt buildup while you wash.
    • If you are having issues with hard water spots we recommend using Glidecoat WaterSpot Remover to safely remove hard water spots without harming the ceramic coating. Simply spray Glidecoat WaterSpot Remover onto the surface, wipe it in with a microfiber cloth, allow it to dwell for 2-3 minutes then wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth.
    • When spot cleaning bird droppings or small stains we recommend using a waterless wash of <Glidecoat Surface Wipe with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using excessive force when removing stains.

    In addition to ongoing maintenance and spot cleaning, ceramic coatings benefit from a maintenance spray every 3-4 months in southern states or once a season in northern states, such as <Glidecoat’s Shine and Shield Ceramic Spray. Shine and Shield will enhance the shine and hydrophobic effect of the surface, while adding an additional layer of protection on top of the ceramic coating to promote longevity.

    Shine and Shield is a simple spray on, wipe off application.

    Here are some general guidelines for applying Shine and Shield for quarterly maintenance:

    • Shine and Shield can be applied as needed to add gloss and water beading to the surface.
    • Do not apply Shine and Shield to a dirty surface, always clean/wash the area first before applying.
    • Shine and Shield can be applied to a wet surface, allowing you to dry the surface while leaving some protection behind.
    • We recommend using two microfibers when applying Shine and Shield, using the first microfiber to buff the surface while using a second clean microfiber to ensure the surface is smooth and uniform.
    • Shine and Shield can be layered with multiple coats for enhanced protection, allow a minimum of 30 minutes between each coat.

    An annual maintenance typically consists of a decontamination wash with Glidecoat Iron Remover to remove contamination from the surface that could be impacting the hydrophobic properties of the ceramic coating. After the Iron Remover, wash with Glidecoat Nano Wash or Glidecoat Ceraglo. Inspect the coated areas to ensure that the ceramic coating is holding up as expected. If any areas are not beading water, but still have a good shine, apply Shine and Shield to restore the hydrophobic activity on the surface.

    If any of the high sun exposed areas have significantly diminished in gloss it may require a light polish to restore the shine and have one additional coat of the ceramic coating applied.

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