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Glidecoat provides a unique, high performance surface using Smart Surface Technology (SST) Nano-composite materials. This process has been extensively tested on both prop and jet aircraft in extreme weather conditions by accredited laboratories and has been proven to provide these benefits under the harshest conditions in all aviation applications.

The Benefits

Glidecoat It!

There have been many advances in aviation technology, however the way we maintain our aircraft has not changed at all. We have engineered a range of aircraft ceramic surface coating products that utilize Smart Surface Technology to fill in the microscopic pores and scratches on surfaces of your aircraft. This not only creates a great luster and shine but also makes the surface of your plane much more functional.

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  • Long term Gloss and Color retention to new and old paint.
  • Restores contaminated and oxidized paint finishes to a like-new, glass-like finish.
  • >99% visible light transmission means colors and graphics remain vibrant.
  • Can significantly improve the aerodynamic efficiency of any surface.
  • Restores boundary layer drag levels back to new aircraft performance.
  • Wing surfaces are resistant to icing on leading edges.
  • Highly resistant to UV attack unlike normal wax products.
  • Restores Perspex to give a glass-like appearance which is also hydrophobic.
  • Provides an ultra hard-wearing scratch and stain resistant coating.
  • Highly oleophobic to keep underbelly areas clean from oil breather and exhaust.
  • A highly cost-effective alternative to repainting.

The Ultimate in Surface Protection

Not all surfaces are created equal. Glidecoat has recognized the need for coatings which meet the specific challenges facing a variety of environments. That is why we have designed a range of high-performance coatings specifically designed and extensively tested to provide superior protection on all types of surfaces and in even the harshest conditions.