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Corporate Overview

Onan Technologies, DBA Glidecoat, is the premier manufacturer of protective, preventive and restoration products for the marine, automotive, RV and aviation industries.

When we initially began developing ceramic coatings, our main focus was the aviation industry which is still an element of our business today. In 2014, we began reviewing the opportunities within the marine industry realizing the scope and overall product opportunities were significant and consequently marine has quickly become our primary focus.

In April 2014, Glidecoat began developing products which when correctly applied to a boat, can restore the original paint finish making it look better-than-new. In addition, the ceramic coating that is the last step of the process, once applied, protects the surface making it super-hydrophobic, scratch-resistant and resistant to UV damage.

Since that time, Glidecoat has invested significantly in research and development. This has resulted in the current line of products, which through extensive field and independent laboratory testing, we are proud to say, are The Ultimate in Surface Protection.

The combination of our products, the knowledge of which products work best, given the different environments and how best to apply those, makes Glidecoat a leader in surface protection.


Glidecoat provides a unique range of high-performance products and services using Smart Surface Technology Nano-composite materials. Products range from Ceramic Coatings, designed for use on boats, cars, planes, and other vehicles, to a variety of surface restoration and maintenance products.

All products have been extensively tested on all forms of surfaces in extreme weather conditions by accredited laboratories and have been proven to provide superior protection in even the harshest conditions.

Our Team

Paul Westhorpe
Managing Director

Christian Westhorpe
Pro Support Manager & Application Specialist

James Payson
Marketing Specialist