RV Ceramic Coating Kit - 20'

DIY Kit Provides TLC for RV Finishes

Mar 2, 2023

Whether having provided miles of enjoyment or coming straight off the showroom floor, RV finishes need TLC.

Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit - 30'

DIY Kit Provides TLC for Boat Finishes

Feb 16, 2023

Whether having provided years of enjoyment or coming straight off the showroom floor, boat finishes need TLC. Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit from Glidecoat will take years off tired-looking topside, […]

‘Feet on the Ground’ Gives Florida Manufacturers a Leg Up in Mexico

Feb 6, 2023

Enterprise Florida Inc has maintained local representation in Mexico City for 25 years Florida marine companies looking to do business in Mexico have a leg up on their competition thanks […]

Hydrophobic Spray and Rinse Coating - 32oz

RV Water Spots? Not With Glidecoat

Jan 5, 2023

RV maintenance tasks such as waxing are put off due to the time and energy needed to complete them. This isn’t the case with the new Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse […]

Glidecoat Hydrophobic Spray and Rinse

Water Spot Protection as Easy as Spraying a Hose

Dec 9, 2022

Many boat maintenance tasks are put off due to the time and energy needed to complete them. This isn’t the case with new Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse from Glidecoat. Attached […]

Florida Marine Manufacturers Look to Expand Markets at Cancun

Dec 2, 2022

Half of all US exhibitors planning to attend next week’s show are from the ‘sunshine state’. Less than 3,000 miles across the Gulf of Mexico separate the state of Florida […]

Glidecoat Inflatable Kit - 20'

Inflatable Boats & Rib Tubes Clean & Protected

Oct 23, 2022

Whether made of Hypalon, PVC or polyurethane, inflatable boats and RIB tubes exposed to UV rays can degrade and begin to look old and tired. Plus, the heat of the […]

Shine & Shield V2.0 - Marine

New Spray-on Formula Delivers High-Gloss Finish

Sep 26, 2022

Achieving a showroom-like shine on a boat used to take hours of backbreaking toil. With Marine Shine & Shield 2.0 Ceramic Spray from Glidecoat, it’s simply a matter of spraying […]

RV Cap Protection - After

Glidecoat Restores and Protects RV Front Caps

Aug 29, 2022

No matter if traveling an interstate or a lonely backroad, the front of an RV takes a lot of abuse. Windblown dirt, bugs, road tar and other debris all combine […]

New or Old, Boats Deserve More Than Mere Wax

Jul 25, 2022

As any owner will attest, fiberglass boats are less than maintenance free. Instead of waxing decks, hulls and outboards every month or more, savvy boaters use Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Coating. […]

New Boat Bundle Preserves Finish

Jun 27, 2022

Clean and gleaming in the sun, new boats have a sparkle that quickly fades if preventative steps aren’t taken. The New Boat Bundle from Glidecoat has everything needed to prepare […]

RPL Ceramic Coating - 250ml

With RPL, Oily Soot Wipes Away

May 30, 2022

Few things detract from an RV’s outward appearance more than dark streaks running down its sides or oily black soot around diesel exhausts. Stubborn to remove, the solution is to […]

RPL Ceramic Coating - 50ml

Oily Black Soot? With RPL, It Simply Wipes Away

Apr 28, 2022

Unlike standard boat grime that’s easily removed with a soapy deck brush, oily black soot is another matter. Carbon-based airborne pollutants create streaks on cabins and hulls, while diesel engine […]

Glidecoat Hires Martin Flory Group for PR

Apr 5, 2022

To increase brand awareness and assist in developing its North American market share, Glidecoat has hired Martin Flory Group. The PR firm will promote the company’s line of high-performance ceramic […]

Glidecoat Enhances Formula of its Professional Grade Ceramic Coating

Sep 15, 2021

In consultation with members of their Pro detailer network and as part of their on-going product development process, Glidecoat took on the challenge of further improving their top-of-the-line Pro Marine […]


Shipping During COVID-19

May 19, 2020

During these trying times, everyone is doing their best to maintain some degree of normal life. We have worked hard to ensure that we are able to continue operating and […]

Glidecoat Exhaust Tackles the Dirtiest Part of the Boat

May 7, 2020

If you own a powerboat then you already know what a challenge it is to deal with the staining and discoloration on your transom from diesel and exhaust fumes. That’s […]

Visit Glidecoat at 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Oct 29, 2019

Starting on Thursday, October 31st to Sunday, November 3rd, come visit Glidecoat at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the “Yachting Capital of the World” will host […]

Product Testing

Aug 21, 2019

As a manufacturer of ceramic coatings, Glidecoat uses numerous methods to thoroughly test its coatings, before introducing them to the market. Obviously, there is nothing that can equal actual real-life […]

Gloss Meter Readings – Why to Take Them and How to Improve Your Boat’s Gloss Reading

Aug 16, 2019

You may be researching the various ceramic coating options and quickly notice the market is flooded with a variety of options. From inexpensive to high-end products, all claim to offer […]

Visit Glidecoat at 2019 Stuart Boat Show

Jan 10, 2019

Starting on Friday, January 11th to Sunday, January 13th, come visit Glidecoat at the Stuart Boat Show. The boat show is the largest on Florida’s Treasure Coast featuring over 175 […]

Do you have questions about ceramic coatings? Glidecoat can answer your questions – Meet us at FLIBS

Oct 18, 2018

What are ceramic coatings and why are so many people talking about ceramics? Has a detailer, friend, fellow boater, talked to you about this technology? At the very least, I’m sure […]

Port side of boat sitting in manufacturers building on a trailer

Apply Ceramic Coatings During The Fall and Winter Season

Sep 5, 2018

Summer is winding down and from what we’ve heard and experienced, it’s been a tremendously busy boating season. Boat owners will soon be done with their fun on the water […]

Prop Optimizer Exclusive Testing Program

May 30, 2018

  Glidecoat is offering a unique opportunity to be apart of an exclusive testing program for our new Prop Optimizer! Over the last two years we have continued to develop […]

Spring is ALMOST here!

Apr 18, 2018

  Talking with various boat yards, dealers and marina’s in the Northern US and Canada spring is not quite here, although spring officially arrived March 20th.   Many are postponing […]

Ceramic Coating Application On Used 26′ Hurricane

Mar 29, 2018

Nautical Ventures reached out to us on applying Glidecoat ceramic coating to a used 26′ Hurricane located in Dania Beach, FL because the owner wanted to sell their boat. The […]

Palm Beach International Logo

Meet Glidecoat at Palm Beach International Boat Show

Mar 19, 2018

Are you attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show this week? If you are, take a few minutes to stop by and meet the Glidecoat team. Our booth is located […]

Ceramic Coating Increase Boat Value With Showroom Finish

Mar 16, 2018

Are you constantly looking for ways to sell boats faster and for more value? As a boat dealer, I bet you are thniking what an obvious answer to that question. […]

Ceramic Coating Testimony by Dean Waite on Fisherman’s Weekly

Feb 13, 2018

Are ceramic coatings for my boat worth the money?  Ceramic coatings is becoming more and more popular in the marine industry because boat owners are understanding the tremendous value compared […]

Are Nano Coatings Worth It? Protecting Your Investment!

Jan 26, 2018

Owning a boat is a wonderful thing! Having the freedom to take her out on the weekend, going fishing or just relaxing on the water. On the other hand, maintaining […]

One Year After Ceramic Coating Application

Oct 14, 2017

Check out the results of Glidecoat ceramic coating application after 1 year application on a 2003, 29  foot SeeVee. In August of 2016, we were asked to coat a 2003, […]

Glidecoat Release – The Ultimate Release Coating

Sep 18, 2017

Glidecoat, manufacturer of protective, preventive and anti-fouling products for the marine and aviation industries, will introduce a new addition to its premium line of products – Glidecoat Release – at […]

Frequently Asked Questions

May 22, 2017

  When speaking individuals in the marine industry, we encounter similar questions about the Glidecoat product line. As such, we have compiled answers to 9 commonly asked questions. We hope […]

Accelerated Weathering Apart Of Our Test, Test and Test Again Approach

May 8, 2017

  As part of its ongoing product development Glidecoat uses an external independent laboratory to perform what is called ASTM D4587 or Accelerated Weathering which simulates damaging effects of long […]

Increased gloss and shine by more than 15% from factory new with Glidecoat Top Coating

Mar 15, 2017

Recently at the Miami Boat Show we had the opportunity to coat a brand new 30 Foot Cutwater for Pocket Yacht. The boat was delivered to the Boat Show staging […]

92.4 gloss meter reading after Glidecoat boat detailing and nano protective coating application to hull of SeaVee

Glidecoat Top Coating Tips

Mar 1, 2017

Using a Gloss Meter One of the many reasons people have Glidecoat applied to their boat is to improve the overall gloss and shine. Obviously, there are numerous other reasons, […]

Dominican Republic Based Environmentalist Laud Glidecoat Partnership

May 8, 2016

Glidecoat reaffirms it commitment to marine conservation, partnering with Dominican Republic based environmentalists to restore the nation’s damaged coral reefs. Environmentalist, Bill Passmore, fell in love with the Dominican Republic […]

Interview: Kamal Bherwani for Glidecoat

Apr 6, 2016

1. How long have you owned your Cirrus SR22? I would say between two-and-a-half and three-and-a-half years. 2. Is this the first aircraft that you’ve owned? This is my second. […]

Yorkshire Rows boat in the ocean

Talisker Atlantic Challenge The World’s Toughest Row

Feb 4, 2016

Crossing the Atlantic is never an easy undertaking, but people have been making the journey for hundreds of years. The very first crossings were made to discover and explore new […]

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