RV Water Spots? Not With Glidecoat

Hydrophobic Spray and Rinse Coating - 32oz

RV maintenance tasks such as waxing are put off due to the time and energy needed to complete them. This isn’t the case with the new Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse from Glidecoat. Attached to a garden hose, it’s fast and easy to create a durable, glossy coating that beads water to protect against water spotting for up to three months.

Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse works on virtually all solid RV surfaces including paint, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, glass and metal. Perfect for ongoing Glidecoat Ceramic Coating maintenance, it’s equally effective on untreated areas as well.

Using Glidecoat Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse couldn’t be easier. After washing surfaces with soap and thoroughly rinsing, the included sprayer head attaches to a garden hose. The integrated knob is turned to the “on” position and an area no larger than 10′ x 10′ is fully saturated. After 30 seconds, the knob is turned to the “water” setting and the section is rinsed. It instantly becomes hydrophobic; multiple layers of the product can be applied for added protection. Once the RV is treated and before it dries, it’s wiped with a clean microfiber towel to ensure a streak-free finish. A 32 oz. container of Glidecoat Hydrophobic Spray & Rinse covers 400–500 sq. ft.—enough for a typical Class C—and costs $34.95; 1 gal. is $119.95 and treats 1,600–2,000 sq. ft.


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