DIY Kit Provides TLC for Boat Finishes

Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit - 30'

Whether having provided years of enjoyment or coming straight off the showroom floor, boat finishes need TLC. Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit from Glidecoat will take years off tired-looking topside, hull and engine cowling gelcoat and paint, restoring their deep, glossy shine and protecting the surfaces for up to 18 months. Plus, after using, surfaces repel UV rays, dirt and water spots better than wax, so boats clean up faster and require far fewer washings.

Except for the hose, the Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit includes everything needed to complete the project. Three versions are offered for boats up to 20′, 30′ and 40′, or 192, 300 or 600 sq. ft. For larger vessels, smaller sizes can be combined to optimize quantities.

The ceramic top coating process begins with Glidecoat’s innovative Nano Wash. Highly concentrated, the pH-neutral and non-abrasive formula breaks the chemical bonds between the gelcoat or paint and dirt, oil, wax and other contaminants. Nano Wash leaves a clean, residue-free surface to work with.

Next, Glidecoat Medium Cut Nano Compound is used to remove oxidation, deep swirls, chalking, heavy watermarks and most scratches. The product is applied by hand or machine and buffed with a soft cloth or microfiber towel. Then, Nano Polish is used to detail the surface down to a molecular level, removing the most minute flaws in the finish.

The next step is to remove any remaining oils or residues with Glidecoat Surface Wipe. The formula promotes superior bonding between the surface and ceramic coating to ensure a long product service life.

Next-generation Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Coating protects the boat’s surface from UV rays that cause surface oxidation and aging. Plus, because the formula is highly hydrophobic—far better than any natural or synthetic wax—dirt, stains, fish blood and water spots don’t stand a chance. They simply rinse away with a blast from a hose. This makes the Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit ideal for restoring the gloss and shine of an older boat, and improving and preserving the factory finish on a new one.

Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kits contain appropriate-sized containers of Nano Wash, Medium Cut Nano Compound, Nano Polish, Surface Wipe and Marine Ceramic Coating, and include four application sponges, four microfiber towels and four pairs of protective gloves. Detailed directions are included and instructional videos are at Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit for boats up to 20′ costs $299; for 30′, $399; and for up to 40′, $599.


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