New Spray-on Formula Delivers High-Gloss Finish

Shine & Shield V2.0 - Marine

Achieving a showroom-like shine on a boat used to take hours of backbreaking toil. With Marine Shine & Shield 2.0 Ceramic Spray from Glidecoat, it’s simply a matter of spraying on and wiping off. The newly revised formula provides an unparalleled super-slick, high-gloss finish that lasts up to six months.

Shine & Shield 2.0 contains 42% active ingredients–one of the highest ratios in the industry. The proprietary blend of four different silicone polymers fills microscopic pores in gelcoat and paint to create a finish that’s extremely hydrophobic and UV resistant. This protects against water spots and acid rain, and reduces tough stains such as salt grime, bird droppings and fish blood. It’s an ideal after-care product for ceramic coated boats.

Using Shine & Shield 2.0 couldn’t be easier. Sprayed directly onto a clean surface, the formula is lightly buffed with a fresh microfiber towel and allowed to cure for 12 hours before exposing to water. Multiple coats can be applied for added gloss and longer -lasting protection. If the boat is oxidized, it’s best to buff or polish the hull first. Highly concentrated, a 16- ounce bottle of Glidecoat Marine Shine & Shield 2.0 Ceramic Spray covers up to a 24′ boat and costs $29.95; a one-gallon container is $199.95.


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