Inflatable Boats & Rib Tubes Clean & Protected

Glidecoat Inflatable Kit - 20'

Whether made of Hypalon, PVC or polyurethane, inflatable boats and RIB tubes exposed to UV rays can degrade and begin to look old and tired. Plus, the heat of the sun can expand the air inside them, stretching the material and putting stress on the seams. And, they tend to get filthy dirty. The Inflatable Kit from Glidecoat is the easy solution to protect tubes from the ravages of a marine environment and the occasional dock bump, restore their deep lustrous color and keep the entire boat looking its best for months.

The two-part Inflatable Kit includes a bottle of Glidecoat Nano Wash Concentrate and a container of Inflatable Ceramic Coating. More than a mere soap, the pH-neutral wash safely removes dirt, oils, salt and other residues. It breaks the bond between the dirt film and fabric to leave the surface in optimal condition for maximum ceramic coating adherence.

Glidecoat Inflatable Ceramic Coating uses the science of smart surface nano technology. Highly effective for long-term protection, the formula fills the microscopic pores in the tube material to create a smooth surface that repels water, mold, dirt and salt. Laboratory testing has shown that it reduced UV damage and related color loss by 45% over a 12-month period. Read a case study transforming an 11-year-old boat that hadn’t been cleaned in more than a year.

Applying the Glidecoat Inflatable Kit is simple. After washing the tubes with Nano Wash Concentrate and allowing them to dry, Inflatable Ceramic Coating is applied using the included sponge. Because it’s highly concentrated, only a few drops are needed to work a small section at a time.

For RIB owners, the Glidecoat Inflatable Hard Bottom Kit provides a complete boat detailing system. It includes Nano Wash Concentrate and Inflatable Ceramic Coating, plus a bottle of Marine Ceramic Coating for the hull that protects the gelcoat or paint and makes it glisten. Extremely hydrophilic, the innovative formula sheds water , making it ideal for the area between the tubes and waterline.

The Glidecoat Inflatable Kit for boats up to 12′ costs $149.95; for those up to 20′, it’s $249. The Glidecoat Inflatable Hard Bottom Kit is $199 and $299, respectively.


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