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Glidecoat has your RV covered with surface coatings and surface preparation products that provide long lasting shine and protection against UV damage, oxidization, bugs, road contaminants and more.

The Benefits


Glidecoat's range of RV products provide the ultimate in surface protection and restoration for your RV. Compared to typical automobiles, RV's have the added challenge of gel coat, which is much more pourous than the painted aluminum or steel of other vehicles. All of our RV products have been designed and tested to provide superior protection far outlasting automotive ceramic coatings and traditional wax products.

For most RV owners, ceramic coatings and surface restoration may seem daunting. Our products have been designed for DIY application and we can assure you that the time spent preparing your RV will be well worth the effort. Once completed, dreaded RV maintenance will be reduced dramatically. Rain will bead on your RV's surface and simply 'glide' off. Dirt, salt, bugs and insects will just rinse off. The coating is also UV resistant which will greatly reduce oxidization and ensure your RV lasts considerably longer.

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  • Reflects UV rays, providing long term protection from sun damage and oxidization.
  • Reduced maintenance - no waxing is required and cleaning is a breeze.
  • Provides a diamond-hard coating that resists scratches and stains.
  • Laboratory and in-field tests prove a minimum of 18-month protection with more depending on location, usage and storage. Learn more about our testing methodology here.
  • Gloss and color rejuvenation - Restores color and gloss 35% more than traditional wax.
  • Water beads off - improving wet weather driving visibility.
  • Removes haze and oxidation from headlights to restore their original shine.
  • Repels stains from acid rain, brid droppings and pollen.
  • Perfect for winter protection - prevents ice and snow adhesion and repels salt.
  • Improved aerodynamics for any coated surface.
  • Stops polished metal from rusting and tarnishing.

The Ultimate in Surface Protection

Not all surfaces are created equal. Glidecoat has recognized the need for coatings which meet the specific challenges facing a variety of environments. That is why we have designed a range of high-performance coatings specifically designed and extensively tested to provide superior protection on all types of surfaces and in even the harshest conditions.