New Boat Bundle Preserves Finish

Clean and gleaming in the sun, new boats have a sparkle that quickly fades if preventative steps aren’t taken. The New Boat Bundle from Glidecoat has everything needed to prepare the hull surface and apply a ceramic coating that will preserve the showroom finish of a 30′ boat and make future maintenance faster and easier.

During the manufacturing and dealer prep phases, boats can develop visible swirl marks and minor scratches. The first step in the New Boat Bundle process is to remove them with Glidecoat Nano Polish. Ideal for use on both gelcoat and painted finishes, it has small active particles that minimize heat build-up and allow the product to work faster . As it cleans and polishes, it removes light surface imperfections.

The next step is to use Glidecoat Surface Wipe. This one-step formula removes wax, oil and polish residue to prepare the surface for maximum bonding with Marine Ceramic Coating.

The cornerstone of the Glidecoat protection system, high-performance Marine Ceramic Coating outlasts and outperforms even synthetic waxes. Nano-ceramic particles create a network of protective molecules highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals and UV rays. Because the layer is hydrophobic, it repels water and dirt. This makes cleaning simple, requiring only a blast from a freshwater hose. Marine Ceramic Coating provides up to 18 months of protection with very little maintenance needed. A video of the process is featured below:

Glidecoat’s New Boat Bundle comes with a 16 oz. container of Nano Polish, 16 oz. of Surface Wipe, 250ml of Marine Ceramic Coating, four microfiber cloths and four application sponges. With ample quantities to treat a 30′ boat, it costs $349.95


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