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The unique Glidecoat surface protection process and range of products deliver the most impressive, long-lasting results on the market today but to obtain those results demand proper surface preparation and a carefully followed application process.

As a successful detailer we know that you understand the importance of these steps so we would like to welcome you to become a certified Glidecoat Pro and invite you to take advantages of these benefits:

  • Exclusive access to our top-of-the-line Pro-grade surface coatings at a discount. (This grade of our surface coating product is not available to the general public)
  • These Pro products also allow you to offer your customers the Glidecoat 18 month warranty, because we know you applied them correctly (which is not always the case with our DIY customers).
  • We will supply you with a ready source of leads that we generate through our extensive online marketing programs.
  • We will also provide you with printed brochures as well as access to an assortment of digital branding and marketing tools.
  • A complete training program for yourself and your staff including all steps from surface prep and application to warranty registration. Also, access to online training whenever you add a new staff member.
  • A selection of “Certified Glidecoat Pro” apparel, ball caps and other marketing items.
  • Ongoing marketing support. We want you to be successful and we’ll prove it!
  • Password-protected access to the Pro Portal section of our website. This section includes case studies, print material, proposal templates, logos, videos, training tools and sample ads
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