Oily Black Soot? With RPL, It Simply Wipes Away

RPL Ceramic Coating - 50ml

Unlike standard boat grime that’s easily removed with a soapy deck brush, oily black soot is another matter. Carbon-based airborne pollutants create streaks on cabins and hulls, while diesel engine and genset exhaust leaves unsightly residues. Both require harsh chemicals and backbreaking scrubbing to remove. The solution is to prevent stains from setting in the first place by using Glidecoat RPL (Repellent Protective Layer).

Made in the USA, Glidecoat RPL reacts with sunlight to chemically break down dirt and other contaminates. The oil-repellent top coating is also hydrophilic. This creates a self-cleaning action where water sheets off the coated surface, removing grime and oily black soot with it.

RPL is most effective when used in combination with Glidecoat’s innovative Marine Ceramic Coating, enabling residual soot to be simply wiped away with a cloth. But when used on bare or waxed paint or gelcoat, staining is still far easier to remove when RPL has been applied. This dramatically lowers maintenance time and costs, whether for the owner of a 35′ sportfisher doing the job himself or a crew detailing a 150′ megayacht.

Using Glidecoat RPL is straightforward for both the DIYer and professional marine detailer. The unique formula can be applied with a sprayer by lightly—but thoroughly—misting a 3′ x 3′ section. Or if by hand, a quarter-sized dollop is placed on a microfiber applicator and worked in an overlapping up-and-down, side-to-side pattern. The surface is then buffed with a clean microfiber cloth to remove any excess coating and achieve a uniform finish. RPL needs to cure for 12 hours before getting wet. A case study is at www.bit.ly/RPL-CaseStudy.

A 50ml bottle of Glidecoat RPL covers up to 110 sq. ft. and costs $99; 120ml is $195 and protects up to 260 sq. ft.; and 250ml is $365 and covers up to 550 sq. ft. Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kits start at $295.

Since 2014, Glidecoat has formulated and manufactured the ultimate in surface protection, a line of premium quality marine preventative, restorative and anti-fouling products. Its state-of-the-art Ceramic Coating has redefined how boats of any length are maintained.


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