Glidecoat Enhances Formula of its Professional Grade Ceramic Coating

In consultation with members of their Pro detailer network and as part of their on-going product development process, Glidecoat took on the challenge of further improving their top-of-the-line Pro Marine Ceramic Coating. The newly revised product was released today.

“What we achieved was a coating that is much easier to apply, so it doesn't flash too quickly on the surface, while increasing the percentage of ceramic in the coating. In short we have developed a more concentrated and durable coating with an easier application process.”

Christian Westhorpe, Glidecoat Technical Lead and Pro Support Manager

Glidecoat produces a complete line of professional and DIY grade surface coating, preparation and maintenance products for the marine, RV, automotive and aviation industries. For more information about their products or becoming a member of the Glidecoat Pro network, please visit Glidecoat at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show (booth 448) or their website at


Paul Westhorpe
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