Glidecoat, manufacturer of protective, preventive and anti-fouling products for the marine and aviation industries, will introduce a new addition to its premium line of products – Glidecoat Release – at the 2017 International Boatbuilders’ Exhibitor’s Conference (IBEX), September 19-21, 2017 at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida (booth 145).

Glidecoat continues to deliver on their commitment to produce high-performance products for the Marine Industry. The new Glidecoat Release is engineered to provide a release coating for marine molds eliminating the need to use more tradition release products such as wax. The coating reduces mold maintenance, allows for countless pulls before re-application and a finished product that provides a high degree of gloss and shine. The Glidecoat Nano technology forms a diamond-hard smooth surface which creates a protective barrier only 100-200 nano meters in thickness, eliminating any effect on the finished part dimensions.

“The new Glidecoat Release redefines the boating manufacturing market, as it’s easy to apply and improves longevity of the mold, significantly reduces mold downtime, but also labor costs, providing manufacturers with substantial cost savings.”

Glidecoat Release is being sold to manufacturers on a direct basis.


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