Interview: Kamal Bherwani for Glidecoat

1. How long have you owned your Cirrus SR22?
I would say between two-and-a-half and three-and-a-half years.

2. Is this the first aircraft that you’ve owned?
This is my second.

3. How long have you been flying airplanes in general
Five years.

4. You had Glidecoat applied to your Cirrus in 2015. Almost a year later, how do you feel about the product?
I was very happy when the process first happened, because it made my plane look better than when I bought it. I bought it secondhand, used. It was a 2010 model that I purchased in the end of 2012 or the end of 2013. It made the plane look better than when I first purchased it. A year later, I basically never have to wash it. I mostly keep it in a hangar, but when I travel and it’s over night and (there is) snow, rain or whatever; there’s no water stop on the plane. Also, since the point of application until now, I have picked up about 3 or 4 knots of speed.

5. How often are you having your aircraft washed?
I may have washed it once over the year.

6. If someone were to ask you how you felt about the Glidecoat service and application, what would you say?
I would tell them about the advantage in looks. I would tell them about the reduction in maintenance, cleaning the plane, the cost and the hassle of that and also the slight increase in speed. That it is completely worth it.

7. How much has this service saved you?
It has probably saved me about $1,000 a year.



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