Glidecoat Inflatable Kit - 20'

Inflatable Boats & Rib Tubes Clean & Protected

Oct 23, 2022

Whether made of Hypalon, PVC or polyurethane, inflatable boats and RIB tubes exposed to UV rays can degrade and begin to look old and tired. Plus, the heat of the […]

Shine & Shield V2.0 - Marine

New Spray-on Formula Delivers High-Gloss Finish

Sep 26, 2022

Achieving a showroom-like shine on a boat used to take hours of backbreaking toil. With Marine Shine & Shield 2.0 Ceramic Spray from Glidecoat, it’s simply a matter of spraying […]

RV Cap Protection - After

Glidecoat Restores and Protects RV Front Caps

Aug 29, 2022

No matter if traveling an interstate or a lonely backroad, the front of an RV takes a lot of abuse. Windblown dirt, bugs, road tar and other debris all combine […]

New or Old, Boats Deserve More Than Mere Wax

Jul 25, 2022

As any owner will attest, fiberglass boats are less than maintenance free. Instead of waxing decks, hulls and outboards every month or more, savvy boaters use Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Coating. […]

New Boat Bundle Preserves Finish

Jun 27, 2022

Clean and gleaming in the sun, new boats have a sparkle that quickly fades if preventative steps aren’t taken. The New Boat Bundle from Glidecoat has everything needed to prepare […]

RPL Ceramic Coating - 250ml

With RPL, Oily Soot Wipes Away

May 30, 2022

Few things detract from an RV’s outward appearance more than dark streaks running down its sides or oily black soot around diesel exhausts. Stubborn to remove, the solution is to […]

RPL Ceramic Coating - 50ml

Oily Black Soot? With RPL, It Simply Wipes Away

Apr 28, 2022

Unlike standard boat grime that’s easily removed with a soapy deck brush, oily black soot is another matter. Carbon-based airborne pollutants create streaks on cabins and hulls, while diesel engine […]

Glidecoat Hires Martin Flory Group for PR

Apr 5, 2022

To increase brand awareness and assist in developing its North American market share, Glidecoat has hired Martin Flory Group. The PR firm will promote the company’s line of high-performance ceramic […]

Dominican Republic Based Environmentalist Laud Glidecoat Partnership

May 8, 2016

Glidecoat reaffirms it commitment to marine conservation, partnering with Dominican Republic based environmentalists to restore the nation’s damaged coral reefs. Environmentalist, Bill Passmore, fell in love with the Dominican Republic […]

Yorkshire Rows Glides Into the Record Books with Glidecoat

Mar 8, 2016

The Yorkshire Rows crew lauds Glidecoat technology after completing their record making Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge trek. On February 26, 2016, Janette Benaddi, Helen Butters, Niki Doeg and Frances Davies […]

Glidecoat welcomes new Chief Product Officer

Sep 2, 2015

Glidecoat, the Smart Surface Technology provider of Nano Coating, is pleased to announce its recent hire of Ken Rohlman, who today joins the team as Chief Product Officer (CPO). He […]

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Glidecoat is a registered trademark of Onan Technologies Inc., established in 2012. The company utilizes innovative technology to produce Nano-coatings for both aviation and marine vessels.


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