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Professional Detailer Gives His Experience with Glidecoat RPL Ceramic Coating

Posted by Glidecoat

We were lucky to have Thomas Rideout of Rideout Detailing stop by our booth at the Fort Lauderdale boat show and sit down with us to give his experience using Glidecoat RPL.

Video Transcript

How you doing? It’s Christian Westhorpe here with Glidecoat and today I’m joined with Thomas Rideout with Rideout Detailing. We’re going to be talking about the RPL today. It’s Repellant Protective Layer, this is a product we’ve had out for a few years now. We feel this is one of our better products and it’s very versatile. We wanted to just talk with Thomas, he has used this product quite a bit and just kind of get his experience.

Thomas, how many times do you think you have used this product?

We probably put it on every single boat we do now. Just for the fact that when it was initially introduced it was for mega yachts for the exhaust soot on the transoms, but we’ve learned that it works amazing on glass too, waterspotting, anywhere you get black streaks on your boat, put that as a last topper to our Pro. Put that on there and it helps minimize the black streaking as far as easy to clean, don’t have to sit there and scrub with heavy degreasers, just use soap and water. It typically takes care of the issues.

We’ve also found that anywhere like side hatch scuffers where you get standing water it works phenomenal in those regards too as far as keeping it clean. You don't want to use it as a standalone outside of glass. You want the UV barrier that Pro and our standard marine gives you as well. But as a last step it is phenomenal. Using that we put it on a lot of boot strips as well where it hits the scum line. So we pretty much every boat we do now, we apply that in some fashion on the boat. Or, we tell a customer - any point you find you're getting an area after we're done we'll come by and apply that to the areas that you need it.

That's awesome!

As Thomas has mentioned, this product is very versatile. We've used it over top of the marine ceramic coating or when it's professional applied with our Pro Marine Ceramic Coating. And this is just going to make all those stains that can be really stubborn to be much easier to clean. You guys do ongoing maintenance with boats, how much easier do you think this product makes it to clean those areas.

Oh it's vastly easier to clean, like I say, cause anywhere you have the black streaks, exhaust build-up or glass with waterspotting, you're no longer using heavy chemicals like degreasers and things of that nature. More times than not, just typical soap and water will take care of those issues

We've also applied it on vehicles as well, on glass of the vehicles especially in the South Florida where we get the lovebugs. Apply it to the front of the car, side-view mirrors and it helps minimize the lovebugs from sticking. A lot of our customers tell us they just use a regular hose to take the lovebugs right off.

There you go guys, that's just some first-hand experience with Thomas and him using the RPL - Repellent Protective Layer. So give us a call and check it out on the website.