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Full RV Transformation – Surface Prep to Glidecoat Ceramic Coating

Posted by Glidecoat

The team at CGI Detailing stopped by to show us how they transform an RV. From single digits on the glossmeter to a fully ceramic coated 90+ GU, this was an incredible job.

Products used:

  • Glidecoat Nano Wash:
  • Glidecoat Heavy Cut Compound:
  • Glidecoat Nano Compound:
  • Glidecoat Surface Wipe:
  • Glidecoat Pro RV Ceramic Coating (exclusive to Glidecoat Certified Pros)
  • Glidecoat Maroon Buffing Pad:
  • Glidecoat Microfiber Applicator:

Video Transcript

Hey guys! Colin here with CGI detailing today. We're out here at Glidecoat doing their 2006 Winnebago. We're going to restore the finish on this. The finish on this is pretty oxidized.

We're getting anywhere between 3 and 4 (GU) on the glossmeter reading, which means it is really oxidized and needs a lot of work. We're going to try to restore that finish to 85 and then after we restore the finish with our two-step compound , we're going to coat it.

So what we're going to start with is the Heavy Cut Compound by Glidecoat. That's going to remove the majority oxidation on the surface. And then afterwards, we're going to use Glidecoat's Nano Compound which will help finish out the surface and give it a really nice shine. And then that's when we apply the ceramic coating on top to retain the shine that we put on there for years to come.

Alright guys, we finished up the wash to remove all the dirt and grime on the surface. Now we're ready to move on to our buffing stage. We're going to use Glidecoat's Heavy Cut Compound on a really aggressive wool pad. And the reason for doing that is there's a lot of oxidation on the surface. So we want to knock that down, so we need an aggressive wool pad to be able to knock that down as fast and efficiently as possible. So we're going to go through the entire side of the trailer, both sides, cut it down with this, so it'll boost the glossmeter readings from 3 to 4 (GU) all the way up to 40 to 50 (GU) and then we'll be able to move on to the next step which is the polishing stage which we'll be able to get up to 80 to 90 on the glossmeter. So let's get into it!

Alright, so we just finished up with the Heavy Cutting Compound on a rotary pad or on the rotary of the wool pad and removed most of the oxidation on the surface. It brought the glossmeter readings from 3 and 4 all the way up to 70s and 80s (GU). So we're doing really really well. Now we're going to go ahead and get started on the Nano Compound with the maroon foam pad. That's going to polish out the surface, perfect it a little better, bring a lot more gloss and shine. Then we'll be ready to hop on to the alcohol wipe the surface prep and then to the Pro RV Coating. So let's go!

Alrighty, now that we finished up with the polishing section, we removed all the rest of the oxidation that might have been on the surface and the swirls or scratches that were on there as well. So now we're reading on the glossmeter, upwards of 90 and up, so we're doing really really well. That means this is ready to be coated. But first, before we do that we have to alcohol wipe or use Glidecoat Surface Wipe to get all the oils, waxes, compound, polish oils, anything off of there to make sure there's absolutely nothing that could interfere with the RV Ceramic Coating. Then after we do that, what we'll do... put the coating on! So let's get to wiping!

Alright guys, so we actually pulled the RV into the shop. The reason being, we pulled it in the shop, is because we want to work in the shade instead of in direct sunlight. It helps a whole lot to work in the shade instead of sunlight. The coating goes on way easier. You want to grab your your coating. Then you want to put it on your applicator pad right here. Do a couple a couple little things of it... just kind of like that. Then you want to... you're going to want to work in about a 2' x 2' section. Then you're gonna... what I'm gonna do is go with this window, pick out a little spot. Go right there outline it and then you'll want to cross hatch it. So go side to side and then up and down.

Then after you do that... go ahead and immediately wipe it off. You don't want it to dry on there. It'll be really hard to take off and that's not something we want to happen. And then now that we've coated that section, we're going to move on to the next section. Then we're going to work in 2' x 2' sections all the way  down the trailer until we're finished up. Then we're gonna hop onto the second part of the coating. Do it all over again and then we'll be finished up.