Certified Pro Training Program


The unique Glidecoat surface protection process and range of products deliver the most impressive, long-lasting results on the market today. But to obtain those results demands proper surface preparation and a carefully followed application process.

As a successful detailer we know that you understand the importance of these steps so we would like to welcome you to become a Certified Glidecoat Pro through the Certified Pro Training Program.

Program Includes:

  • Access to Glidecoat’s complete interactive training program ($350 value).
  • A sample kit including 4oz Nano Wash, 4oz Nano Compound, 4oz Nano Polis, 4oz Surface Wipe and 50ml of the ceramic coating of your choice ($100 value).

In addition to the above, following completion of the training, you will be required to purchase a Glidecoat Glossmeter to finalize your certification (Why Glidecoat uses a glossmeter?). You will then receive an industry leading discount of 35% off all future orders and be able to offer your customers a warranty on applications.

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