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Professional Ceramic Coating application

The Glidecoat network of fully certified professional detailers in combination with our range of high performance ceramic coating products guarantees results that beat wax every time. Contact us today to get the ultimate in surface protection for your car.

Benefits of our Professional Ceramic Coating & Application Process

Restore Used / Enhance New Cars:
Your used car’s paint will be fully restored to the original color and finish. For new cars, Glidecoat will look better than new and keep colors and graphics vibrant.

Protect Your Car:
Our detailing provides an ultra-hard surface which protects your car from harsh UV and other environmental contaminants for up to 3 years (12x longer than traditional wax)

Cost Effective:
Our detailing process provides a cost-effective alternative to repainting and eliminates the need for repeated waxing.

Easy On-Going Maintenance:
Glidecoat surface reduces maintenance. Simply rinse down your car and dirt and contaminants will wash away.

Certified & Insured:
Our network of detailers are certified and insured to complete the job.

Flexibility For Your Schedule
Many of our Certified Pros are mobile and can complete the job at your home.
Glidecoat Professional Detailing Process

The Glidecoat Process:

Glidecoat is more than a product, it is a multi stage process completed by our certified professional detailers. After an initial assessment of the car, we get started washing and preparing the vehicle and carefully apply the exclusive line of Glidecoat products. This process has had extensive field testing on all forms of automotive surfaces in extreme weather conditions by accredited laboratories and has been proven to provide the benefits listed under the harshest conditions.

But don’t just take our word for it. Click here to check out 40+ case studies from all types of vehicles and applications.

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Professional Ceramic Coating Applications

Our network of professional detailers service the majority of the United States and select other countries. Contact us to get a quote for your vehicle – Your car will thank you!

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