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Are you tired of cleaning water spots, mold and mildew from your shower? How about scrubbing stuck-on stains from your kitchen surfaces such as granite counters or stainless steel appliances? Glidecoat Home is the perfect solution – apply to any hard surface in your home and it will be protected by an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant nano-coating that makes cleaning effortless.

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Common Uses

Glidecoat customers have successfully coated most of the surfaces in their homes that you can think of - from wood, to glass, to fiberglass, painted surfaces and metal – but here are some of the common uses:

Glass Shower Enclosures
Because of its porous nature, shower glass allows hard water spots and mineral build-up. In addition, there is a constant build-up of bacteria causing mold and mildew. Glidecoat fills in all of the pores of the shower surface, making it hydrophobic, so that water, minerals, etc. simply bead off the surface. Best of all, after coating, the glass no longer requires drying or squeegeeing after each shower.

Granite/Marble Counters Glidecoat will completely seal marble, granite, onyx, limestone, quartzite and other polished counter surfaces that need to be protected from stains. Glidecoat provides a long lasting barrier to water and stains.

The Glidecoat coating is heat resistant and can be used on stainless steel and glass ovens to protect the surface from baked-on stains. Cleaning is effortless requiring only water and a mild detergent.

The Ultimate in Surface Protection

Not all surfaces are created equal. Glidecoat has recognized the need for coatings which meet the specific challenges facing a variety of environments. That is why we have designed a range of high-performance coatings specifically designed and extensively tested to provide superior protection on all types of surfaces and in even the harshest conditions.