If you own a powerboat then you already know what a challenge it is to deal with the staining and discoloration on your transom from diesel and exhaust fumes. That’s why Glidecoat have developed “Glidecoat Exhaust”.

According to Paul Westhorpe, Glidecoat CEO: “Leveraging our knowledge within the Marine Market over the last seven years we are pleased to introduce our newest coating which is extremely oleophobic. This means that diesel and exhaust soot will have a harder time “sticking” to the transom and any that does appear can easily be washed away”.

Glidecoat Exhaust is a welcome addition to the complete range of other marine surface coating products for gelcoat, painted surfaces, metal, glass and vinyl as well as a series of products for prior-to-coating surface preparation and “Shine and Shield”, the perfect way to extend your protection and maintain that Glidecoat shine.

The complete range of Glidecoat ceramic surface coatings products are developed and field-tested in South Florida. They are available for the international marine, aviation and automotive markets. For more information please visit: www.glidecoat.com