Case Study
The ‘Real Deal’ with Automotive Protection
2020 Subaru Outback


Julianne purchased her Subaru Outback brand new from a Subaru dealership in 2020 and opted to pay $800 to have them apply a protective coating. The coating applied by the dealership wore off within a year of application, losing hydrophobic qualities and leaving the paint and trim unprotected and vulnerable to fading.


  • To protect the vehicle’s paint and maintain a high gloss.
  • To restore and protect the black trim which was already beginning to show signs of fading.
  • To make the vehicle easier to clean and maintain moving forward.
  • To make the windshield hydrophobic and improve visibility in the rain.
Julianne Smith
Subaru Outback
Frederick, MD

It appears that the dealership had applied a water-based ceramic spray, as opposed to a more permanent solvent-based ceramic coating. Unfortunately, Julianne was not familiar with ceramic coatings when purchasing her vehicle and did not realize she had way overpaid for this service until a few months later when the spray began to wear off.

For reference, most ceramic sprays cost about $20-$50 per bottle (8-16 oz) and can be applied in less than an hour (some sprays take mere minutes to apply), whereas high-grade solvent-based ceramic coatings cost $75+ per 50ml bottle and take several hours to apply. Durability wise, ceramic sprays typically last 4-8 months, while higher grade ceramic coatings can last 3-5 years or longer.

By the time we got to the vehicle, the surface had completely lost its hydrophobic properties and the windshield was difficult to see out of during the rain, even when running the windshield wipers. In addition, the paint was beginning to lose its luster and the black trim was already beginning to fade, especially around the edges.

Given it is a newer vehicle, it was clear after washing the car's finish was in good condition.
The trim was another story. As can be seen above, it has faded significantly.
Having already paid $800 at the dealership, I was nervous to try another coating.
Julianne Smith
The Process

Having already overpaid for a spray coating from the dealership, Julianne was hesitant to spend that kind of money again to have a coating professionally applied. After speaking with Glidecoat, she felt confident that she could purchase the products needed for much less and with a little work apply Glidecoat’s Auto 9H and Trim Ceramic Coatings herself.

Since she did not have a buffer or detailing experience, Julianne chose to forgo the compounding and polishing steps. Given that it is a newer vehicle, it did not require any paint correction and she was comfortable locking the surface in as is.

  • Julianne first washed her vehicle with Glidecoat Nano Wash to remove surface dirt and debris.
  • Next, she applied Glidecoat Iron Remover to all painted surfaces, allowing it to dwell for about 5 minutes. It was a particularly hot day, so she lightly misted the surface with water while the Iron Remover dwelled so it would not dry on the surface. After about 5 minutes, she used a clean microfiber towel to lightly scrub the surface, then thoroughly rinsed the surface with water to remove the Iron Remover.
  • After rinsing off the Iron Remover, she then washed the vehicle again with Nano Wash and hand-dried the vehicle with a microfiber towel to avoid any potential water spots.
  • Once the vehicle had dried, she wiped the Surface down with Glidecoat Surface Wipe Decontaminant and was ready to begin applying the coatings.
  • Julianne applied two coats on Glidecoat Auto 9H Ceramic Coating on all painted surfaces (allowing an hour between coats) and applied two coats to the windshield.
  • After coating the painted surfaces, she then applied two coats of Glidecoat Trim Ceramic Coating to the black trim (allowing an hour between coats).
The Result
My trim looks better now then when I bought the vehicle! And a few days after I applied the coating, it rained, and I couldn’t believe how well the surface beaded water! The windshield in particular is awesome! I drove home that day in the pouring rain and barely used the windshield wipers!
Julianne Smith

Julianne was absolutely thrilled with the end result! The painted surfaces had a mirror shine and she now had the ceramic coating benefits she originally paid for at the dealership. The surface was super slick and hydrophobic, and water just rolls off her windshield! In addition, the Trim Ceramic Coating brought a rich black color to the trim and greatly reduced the fading around the edges.

The video above shows the before and after results following rain. It is clear to see the increased hydrophobics on the surface of the car.

After coating, the finish looks great, not to mention the security of having your car protected and easier to maintain.

After coating, the trim has been restored. The color and luster are like new.

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