Case Study
The Princess Proves It’s Never Too Late
1998 52' Princess Restoration and Ceramic Coating


"After Hours" is a 52' Princess charter boat that does regular excursions throughout the Florida Keys and 5-7 day trips to Cuba. The Captain wanted to restore the original finish to the boat, which over the last 18 years, had been well maintained but definitely looked tired.


  • Restore the boat's original finish
  • Protect the boat's finish from UV and marine growth
  • Restore the prop
Boat Name:
After Hours
Princess Motor Yachts, Plymouth, England
52' 2"
Height Above Waterline:
12' 9"
Key West, FL

The ‘After Hours’ was in fairly good condition when we were approached by Captain Kelly. This is a testament to how well Captain Kelly has maintained the boat over its many years of use. And this boat has definitely seen its fair share of use. Over the past 18 years, it has made many trips to Cuba from the Florida Keys. But even with the best maintenance efforts, the finish had seen better days. The area had significant UV damage and had lost a lot of its original shine.

In addition to restoring the finish, we were also tasked with the challenge of removing marine growth from the boat’s prop.

In this before shot, you can clearly see the staining and wear on the boat’s finish above the waterline.
The bow of 1998 52' Princess with yellow stains on the white hull
A second shot of the “After Hours” prior to Glidecoat.
The Process

As part of the restoration process, the team initially washed the boat from stern to bow with Nano Wash. After thoroughly washing the boat, the boat was compounded using Glidecoat Compound. Once complete the boat was then wiped down with Surface Wipe which thoroughly removed any further contaminants. Once the decontamination process was complete, our accredited applicator applied Glidecoat nano ceramic coating to the hull, above the waterline and all surface areas, with the exception of the non-skid areas of the boat.

Diagram with four steps to show the entire restoration process including wash & prep, surface restoration, surface preparation and coating application
The Glidecoat Professional Coating is a four stage process completed by our certified applicators in a controlled environment. After an initial assessment of the boat, we get started washing and preparing the boat and carefully apply the exclusive line of Glidecoat products. The Professional Coating process completely restores your boat’s surface and offers the ultimate protection available.

The props were sanded removing all marine growth. The surface was then cleaned using Glidecoat Surface Wipe and the Prop Optimizer was then applied, coating the props with four separate coats leaving 3-4 minutes between coats.

Man wearing white glove holding a sponge applying Glidecoat ceramic coating to the hull of a 1998 52' Princess
One of our certified applicators applying Glidecoat.
Blue glove with small fabric applying anti-fouling ceramic coating to a bronze prop blade
Glidecoat being applied to the “After Hours” propellor.
The Result
The boat looks brand new and totally exceeds my wildest expectations. It is AWESOME!

The results were spectacular. The boat’s finish was restored to like new.

Glossy finish on the port side of a white hulled 1998 52' Princess with Glidecoat ceramic coating applied

The shine of the “After Hours” following Glidecoat restoration with ceramic applied to the white hull.

Clean and coated four bladed prop with running gear

The propeller after having Prop Optimizer applied.

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