Boat: Blackjack 224

Boat Year: 2015

Color: Black Hull

Issue: Fading and Oxidization

Owner: Redfin Charters

A fishing charter operation in Charleston, South Carolina, Redfin has 2 Blackjack 224’s.

The BlackJack 224 represents the ultimate blend of prowess and performance, all wrapped together in a sleek and striking design from legendary boat builders Bill & Gary Kenner. From the smooth, dry ride of the “Carolina flare” bow to its classic “tumblehome” transom, the BlackJack 224 blends tradition and technology like no other boat on the market. Her hand-laid hull and deck are heavy-duty but lightweight. Reverse-angle, spray-reduction chines deflect the water with authority.

For these and other reasons Redfin uses the Blackjack 224’s extensively in its fishing charters and given they are chartered most days they see their fair share of sun, salt and use. Given the black hull, the older of the two has seen UV damage on the transom as noted in the picture. Prior to the time of application, we performed a Gloss Meter test of the gelcoat on the transom and the reading averaged 4-5.

The boats were then both washed with Glidecoat Nano Wash which is a high foam, non-abrasive soap. After washing and rinsing down, the older of the two boats was then compounded using Glidecoat Nano Compound – a medium cut.

After compounding the boat, we then applied Glidecoat Nano Polish to help restore the shine using a dual action polisher.

After polishing we used Glidecoat Surface Wipe to de-contaminate the surface of the boat, both hull and topsides.

Lastly Glidecoat Liquid Crystal was applied to add further shine and gloss, but also seal the surface for up to 2 years, making it hydrophobic and provide much needed UV Protection. After application the Gloss Meter readings averaged 82-84 on the older boat, making it equivalent to factory new again.

“Glidecoat has brought back the original black that I fell in love with when I bought this boat. When you run 800 charters a year among a fleet, there is no way to keep enough wax on a boat to protect from UV damage. After much research, we turned to Glidecoat and are very happy that we did. The color and shine are back reversing any visual damage, and so is our boat’s resale value. Thanks again for your help!” – Joel LeVine at Redfin Charters

The pictures below show the before and after upon applying Glidecoat.









As the pictures illustrate, the Glidecoat Liquid Crystal was able to revitalize this sun beaten boat by restoring the gloss and shine in the black hull, while also sealing the surface to prevent this type of heavy oxidization from reoccurring.

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