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Clearly the Ultimate in Surface Protection

Glidecoat provides a unique range of high performance products and services using Smart Surface Technology (SST) Nano-composite materials. These products have been extensively tested on all forms of water and aircraft in extreme weather conditions by accredited laboratories and have been proven to provide superior protection in even the harshest conditions.

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Glidecoat has become the leader in the next generation of top coating protection by using state-of-the-art materials and science. We have engineered a range of professionally applied products that utilize smart surface nano-technology.

Prop Optimizer is the next generation of anti-fouling coating for your running gear and propeller. Our nano-technology creates a surface that is so smooth that barnacles and other marine organisms cannot grow on them.

Today’s PVC or CSM (Hypalon) inflatables have many advantages but require a unique approach to protection and maintenance because of the materials they are made of Glidecoat Inflatable is specifically formulated for these applications.

If you own a new boat or an older one, maintenance is a key area that you need to constantly focus on. This is why Glidecoat has developed a series of superior products that can help you address every maintenance challenge.