Glidecoat Unveils It’s Latest Array of Marine Top Coatings at IBEX 2016 Booth 3603, Tampa Convention Center, OCT 4-6

Glidecoat, manufacturer of protective, preventive and anti-fouling products for the marine and aviation industries, will introduce a new addition to its premium line of products – Crystallite Top Coating – at the 2016 International Boatbuilders’ Exhibitor & Conference (IBEX), October 4-6, 2016 at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida (booth 3603).

Glidecoat continues to deliver on their commitment to produce high-performance products that help reduce maintenance and increase the longevity of the boats surface. The new Crystallite top coating is engineered to virtually restore the boats original color while retaining the gloss and protecting the gel coat for up to 18 months from UV damage, acid rain, fish blood and salt. The Glidecoat Nano technology forms a diamond-hard surface creating a protective barrier resisting scratches and stains that will last for many years. 

"The new Glidecoat Crystallite top coating redefines the boating industry in regards to maintenance, it's easy to apply and improves longevity while protecting the boats surface. Crystallite enables boat yards and detailers to offer professional services with a product that is cost effective and proven, having the advantage to grow their overall profits by up-selling to extreme detailing services."

Paul Westhorpe, Glidecoat CEO

Well suited for all sizes and style of boats, Glidecoat’s Crystallite top coating is a practical choice for retrofitting or regular maintenance, which is far less expensive than repainting. The Crystallite Kit can be purchased through Glidecoat’s website, or an authorized dealer.


Paul Westhorpe
Telephone: +1-561-515-4536