• Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Coating - 20'

    Marine Ceramic Top Coating Kit


    Never use wax again! The Glidecoat Top Coating Kit creates a hard protective barrier over gel coat or paint, giving your boat a showroom finish while making maintenance a breeze.

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  • Marine Ceramic Coating Sample Kit

    Marine Ceramic Coating Sample Kit


    Test drive our Marine Ceramic Coating prior to investing in completely coating your boat. This sample kit gives you samples of the products needed to restore and ceramic coat a section of your boat and ensure ceramic coating is the choice for you.

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  • Glidecoat New Boat Bundle - 30'

    New Boat Bundle


    Even factory new boats will have visible swirl marks and light scratches. This bundle has everything you need to prep and apply ceramic coating to your brand new boat.

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  • RV Cap Protection Kit

    RV Cap Kit


    Designed for your RV's front cap to restore a better-than-new shine that also protects against UV damage and road contaminants.

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  • RV Ceramic Coating Kit - 20'

    RV Ceramic Top Coating Kit


    Designed specifically for DIY application on your RV's gel coat, fiberglass or paint. Restore and protect the surface of your RV for a better-than-new shine that also protects against UV damage and road contaminants.

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  • Glidecoat Auto Ceramic Coating Kit - Mid-Size

    Auto Ceramic Kit


    Glidecoat Auto Kit is all you need to provide a long lasting shine that is quick and easy to apply and repels dirt, salt, road contaminants, bugs, stains and rain, providing the best protection for your vehicle.

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  • Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Kit

    Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Kit


    A ceramic coating kit designed for the DIY motorcycle detailer – one coating that can be applied to all hard surfaces including high-temperature surfaces and necessary accessories.

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  • Glidecoat Inflatable Kit - 12'

    Inflatable Kit


    Protect your inflatable with our nano ceramic coating specifically designed for both PVC and CSM (Hypalon) to reduce UV damage and moisture damage.

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  • Glidecoat Saltwater Bundle

    Saltwater Bundle


    If your boat is in saltwater, you know the pain of trying to remove salt from the surface of your boat. This bundle includes Nano Wash and X-Salt, which when combined create a powerful cleaning solution that easily removes salt build-up.

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  • Maintenance Bundle


    Maintain that Glidecoat shine with the ultimate ceramic maintenance bundle. The included products have been designed to safely clean, extend the life, and enhance the protective properties of your ceramic coating.

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  • Gift Card


    Give the gift of a Glidecoat Shine and The Ultimate in Surface Protection. Let them get exactly what they want from our range of ceramic coatings and surface preparation products.

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