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Reduced Drag using Aviation Ceramic Coating


Introduced to Glidecoat back in 2013, Kamal now has had two of his aircraft protected with our aviation ceramic coating. He recently visited Opa-Locka Executive Airport and considering the close proximity to our office in West Palm Beach, FL, we co-ordinated our team to complete the aviation ceramic coating application.


  • Reduced drag
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Pride of Ownership
Aircraft Brand:
The Result
Amazing job by the Glidecoat Team. I can't wait to get my Tesla done with the ceramic coating! Thanks again!

The final result of the ceramic coating for the Cirrus SR22 aircraft was spectacular!

The gloss meter readings jumped from 86.2 to 106! An amazing 25% increase in the shine of the surface and will protect Kamal's aircraft for years to come. Kamal has been so excited with the results that he has reached out for us to Glidecoat his Tesla.

Back wing of Cirrus aircraft after Glidecoat aviation ceramic coating application

Awesome shine to the aircraft after the Glidecoat aviation ceramic coating application.

After the aviation ceramic coating application the gloss meter readings jumped from 86.2 to 106. Increasing the surface shine by 25%!

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