February 15, 2019

Case Study Cirrus SR22


Kamal has owned several aircrafts in the past decade after successfully completing his pilot training and certifications. He was introduced to Glidecoat back in 2013 and now has had two of his aircrafts protected with our aviation ceramic coating.

He recently visited Opa-Locka Executive Airport and considering the close proximity to our office in West Palm Beach, FL, we co-ordinated our team to complete our aviation ceramic coating application.

You may be wondering why someone would apply an aviation ceramic coating to their aircraft. For Kamal, our ceramic coating provides a number of advantages, including;

• Pride of ownership
• Reduced maintenance
• Reduced drag

Below, you will learn more about the preparation steps, the application steps of our aviation ceramic coating and photos.

Aircraft Brand:
Cirrus SR22
Length Overall:
Opa-Locka, FL

As you will note by navigating through our case studies, our primary focus is within the Marine industry and working on a wide range of boats from 15 - 100+ feet in length.

What may be a surprise to most, Glidecoat initially started in the aviation industry with our founding partners in New York and UK by applying our protective coating to private aircrafts.

Considering our location here in South Florida, the majority of our work locally and within the State is centered around the marine industry. So, when Kamal reached out to us, we thought, oh it's only a 22' aircraft. That could be done in a day! Not so fast..lol.

Also, with an aircraft, you must be aware of FAA regulations on specific areas on the aircraft to avoid and leave untouched. On the wings of the aircraft, you will note tiny holes specifically for deicing fluids, which you must avoided at all cost.

The aircraft sitting at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport before the Glidecoat application. As you will note in the photo, the aircraft was in great condition before applying our protective aviation ceramic coating.
Before starting the preparation and application steps of our aviation ceramic coating, the gloss meter readings registered at 86.2.
The Process

Anytime we or our Authorized Glidecoat Dealers complete a ceramic coating application, the work requires attentive attention to detail and the applicators to touch all of the surface several times. As you can imagine, this is not only a time consuming, but results in increased costs when comparing to other services like a buff and wax.

For this particular project, an aircraft presents the unique challenge of touching every section of the aircraft including beneath the wings, under the cockpit, etc. From this experience, we learned how much longer a 22' aircraft is compared to a 22' center console boat.

As shown from the before photos, Kamal has kept his aircraft in great shape and only required us to complete one step with our medium nano compound to all of the surface.

One of the advantages with our medium nano compound is the great finish and shine to the surface before our aviation ceramic coating application.

Once the shine of the surface has been restored, we use our Surface Wipe decontaminate followed by two coats of our nano ceramic coating.

In total, the project took 45 hours to complete and for comparisons purposes, this is nearly the same amount of time we would spend on a 35 - 40' boat.

The Result
Amazing job by the Glidecoat Team. I can't wait to get my Tesla done with the ceramic coating! Thanks again!

The final result of Cirrus SR22 were spectacular!

The gloss meter readings jumped from 86.2 to 106! An amazing 25% increase in the shine of the surface and will protect Kamal's aircraft for years to come. Kamal has been so excited with the results that he has reached out for us to complete his Tesla and other vehicle.

Back wing of Cirrus aircraft after Glidecoat aviation ceramic coating application

Awesome shine to the aircraft after the Glidecoat aviation ceramic coating application.

After the aviation ceramic coating application the gloss meter readings jumped from 86.2 to 106. Increasing the surface shine by 25%!

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