Case Study
1999 95′ Heisley


Marbella III is a 95 foot Heisley based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. This beautiful yacht is nearly 20 years old with a recent face lift, including a new paint job. The owner and captain of the yacht both recognized the importance and need for new paint protection. In years past they had used traditional wax solutions, but these products struggled to provide sufficient protection. Captain John reached out to Glidecoat to protect the paint and take advantage of our ceramic coating for yachts as the perfect solution!

Yacht Manufacturer:
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

In most cases customers are seeking Glidecoat to apply to an older boat, in order to revive the appearance. One of the most overlooked benefits our proprietary ceramic coating technology is applying our product onto a new boat, or in this case a new paint job, to preserve and protect new paint or gel coat before the deterioration begins. Having a yacht repainted is a large expense, so it only makes sense to protect your investment with the right product. When Glidecoat is applied to new paint or gel coat it helps extend the life of the surface, while enhancing and maintaining the new finish!

Man holding a gloss meter reading the reflection of the light on the white hull of a 95' Heisley. The gloss meter is reading 83.7
The gloss meter reading before starting the Glidecoat Application Process
Man holding gloss meter reading on the hull of a Heisley reading 69.1
The gloss meter reading before starting the Glidecoat Application Process
The Process

The first step in the process was to wash the hull with our Nano Wash, to remove any dirt, salt, or contaminants from the surface. (Due to the fact that this vessel is so large, we would complete the entire process in sections at a time until the entire hull and transom was completed.) After Nano Wash we used black streak remover in some trouble areas to remove streaks from the exhaust or waterline areas, without the use of abrasives. Because the paint was so new the owner asked that we do not use a machine buffer on the surface. For any areas that required some polishing, we used

Two Glidecoat technicians working on a raft on the port side of the boat
A raft was used to prep and coat the areas on the hull that could not be reached from the dock.