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Applying a Vinyl Ceramic Coating to the Cushions on Your Boat

Posted by Glidecoat

Our Vinyl Ceramic Coating is a unique product in our range of ceramic coatings. It is designed to be applied to the vinyl cushions on a boat and maintain the flexibility and feel. The main benefits are UV protection to prevent sun damage and fading, while also making the cushion hydrophobic. This makes the cushions easier to clean without using harsh chemicals and resistant to suntan lotions, beverage stains, bird droppings and more.

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Video Transcript

Christian here with Glidecoat and today we've got our vinyl ceramic coating here. This is a very unique coating to our product line. This product is something that specifically designed to be applied to vinyl cushions on a boat.

A unique thing about this product in comparison to our regular ceramic coatings is that it's going to, when cured, maintain flexibility. So it's going to be applied obviously to a surface like the vinyl cushions here that has a little bit of a cushion, a little bit of a softness to it. And we want to make sure that it still has the ability to expand and contract as the temperature changes and as we're kind of sitting on the cushion. So it still maintains that feel and it's not going to create that stiff, rigid surface.

But one of the main benefits, or a few of the main benefits is UV protection, because with the vinyl cushions, it's not like I can restore it like I can with the gel coat or the paint on the surface. I can't take a buffer to it and bring the shine back. So using that that ceramic coating to maintain that UV protection, make sure that is protected from the sun, not getting that sun damage.

It's also going to make the surface hydrophobic. So it's going to make it bead water, make that very easy to clean. It's going to be resistant to your suntan lotion stains, your food stains, your beverage stains. So it's going to ultimately make the cushions much easier to clean without having to deal with getting those kind of stubborn yellow stains from sunscreen or having to take, you know, really aggressive cleaners or brushes to the vinyl cushions.

The application of this product is the same as the other ceramic coatings, whether it be the marine ceramic or the alpha ceramic. As far as applying it directly to the application sponge, working in a three foot section at a time, wiping it on up and down side to side, making sure the surface is uniformly covered. And then we're going to buff it in my hand with the microfiber cloth, just making sure that we work the coating into the surface, as well as removing any high spots or any excess material so that it looks uniform and it's got that nice finish to it.

The Vinyl Ceramic Coating is not going to add any gloss to the vinyl cushion. So it's not going to take this normal nice matte look or just kind of duller finish and make it obviously huge and shiny and add an unnecessary amount of gloss because people don't want that. So what it's going to do is kind of give it that nice new conditioned look. So it's going to add some richness to that material, but not really change the overall look of it while giving an excellent protection.

So check out the Vinyl Ceramic Coating.