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    • Marine Shine & Shield


      Marine Shine and Shield fills microscopic scratches and nicks making your gel coat or painted surface have a nice luster and a smooth clean appearance that is UV resistant.

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    • Top Coating Kit


      Never use wax again! The Glidecoat Top Coating Kit creates a hard protective barrier over gel coat or paint, giving your boat a showroom finish while making maintenance a breeze.

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    • Heavy Duty Cleaner


      Glidecoat's Heavy Duty Cleaner is a strong, paintwork/gel coat safe, wax remover. Also removes polishing oils, buffing residue, mold, mildew, dissolves dirt & grime, and removes tree sap safely and effectively.

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    • Vinyl Ceramic Coating


      Vinyl Ceramic Coating has been developed for vinyl that is exposed to the elements, such as vinyl cushions in a marine environment, but also has uses in the home and auto sectors.

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    • Nano Compound


      Glidecoat’s Nano Compound is a medium cut compound, which contains no wax or silicone and is great for those that are looking for the perfect finish without the worry of swirl lines or burning.

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    • 16 oz of Glidecoat Nano Polish

      Nano Polish


      Nano Polish offers a fast, easily achievable, perfect finish, using fewer products, and fewer stages than traditional polishing systems, on both fiberglass and marine paint.

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    • All Purpose Cleaner


      Our all-purpose cleaner has a safe and unique low suds cleaning formula that is strong enough for degreasing an engine, to gently cleaning: leather, vinyl, carpet, rubber, vinyl tops, fabric seats, and more...

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    • 12 oz bottle of Glidecoat Nano Wash

      Nano Wash


      The product produces a high foam content, which breaks the bond between the dirt film and your boat’s gelcoat or paintwork and lubricates dirt particles minimizing surface abrasion.

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