About Us

Glidecoat, a registered trademark of Onan Technologies, was established in 2012. We utilize innovative technologies to produce nano ceramic coating products to be applied to boats, cars and planes.

We offer a number of nano ceramic coating products that employ nano-surface technology to provide a permanent nano ceramic protective coating. With its hydrophobic qualities, a surface treated with Glidecoat coating stays clean for a longer period of time and requires minimal upkeep.

Our environmentally friendly nano products include:

Testimony By Dean Waite On Glidecoat Top Coating Kit

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Glidecoat Application On A Used 26′ Hurricane

In the video below, Eric Brandon, Sales Executive at Nautical Ventures and co-host of the The Weekly Fisherman Show interviews Christian Westhorpe, lead technician at Glidecoat on the process of applying the Top Coating Kit.

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Auto Kit

Are you looking to protect your automative? We have a kit to cover your car, truck, RV, etc!