Gloss Meter Readings – Why to Take Them and How to Improve Your Boat’s Gloss Reading

Aug 16, 2019

You may be researching the various ceramic coating options and quickly notice the market is flooded with a variety of options. From inexpensive to high-end products, all claim to offer […]

Do you have questions about ceramic coatings? Glidecoat can answer your questions – Meet us at FLIBS

Oct 18, 2018

What are ceramic coatings and why are so many people talking about ceramics? Has a detailer, friend, fellow boater, talked to you about this technology? At the very least, I’m sure […]

Port side of boat sitting in manufacturers building on a trailer

Apply Ceramic Coatings During The Fall and Winter Season

Sep 5, 2018

Summer is winding down and from what we’ve heard and experienced, it’s been a tremendously busy boating season. Boat owners will soon be done with their fun on the water […]

Spring is ALMOST here!

Apr 18, 2018

  Talking with various boat yards, dealers and marina’s in the Northern US and Canada spring is not quite here, although spring officially arrived March 20th.   Many are postponing […]

Ceramic Coating Application On Used 26′ Hurricane

Mar 29, 2018

Nautical Ventures reached out to us on applying Glidecoat ceramic coating to a used 26′ Hurricane located in Dania Beach, FL because the owner wanted to sell their boat. The […]

Ceramic Coating Increase Boat Value With Showroom Finish

Mar 16, 2018

Are you constantly looking for ways to sell boats faster and for more value? As a boat dealer, I bet you are thniking what an obvious answer to that question. […]

Ceramic Coating Testimony by Dean Waite on Fisherman’s Weekly

Feb 13, 2018

Are ceramic coatings for my boat worth the money?  Ceramic coatings is becoming more and more popular in the marine industry because boat owners are understanding the tremendous value compared […]

One Year After Ceramic Coating Application

Oct 14, 2017

Check out the results of Glidecoat ceramic coating application after 1 year application on a 2003, 29  foot SeeVee. In August of 2016, we were asked to coat a 2003, […]

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