Revestimiento cerámico marino

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El revestimiento cerámico de grado marino Glidecoat está diseñado específicamente para su embarcación y para ser aplicado al gel coat/pintura, al metal de acero inoxidable, al antideslizante y/o a los capós del motor.

Cobertura- 2 Revestimientos
Cantidad de Revestimiento Tamaño del barco Area de la superficie
50ml 10′ 60SQFT
120ml 16′ 144SQFT
160ml 20′ 192SQFT
250ml 30′ 300SQFT
500ml 40′ 600SQFT
1L Varios 1200SQFT

Si necesita recomendaciones de nuestro equipo para su embarcación específica, no dude en llamarnos al (561) 290-0165 y estaremos encantados de ayudarle.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Descripción completa

    Desarrollado, probado y comprobado en el sur de Florida, uno de los entornos marinos más duros del mundo. Glidecoat es un proceso único que proporciona una superficie de alto rendimiento utilizando materiales nano-cerámicos.

    Este proceso ha sido sometido a extensas pruebas de campo en todas las formas de embarcaciones en condiciones climáticas extremas por laboratorios acreditados y se ha demostrado que proporciona estos beneficios en las condiciones más duras en aplicaciones marinas.

    Por que razon tu barco lo necesita

    Las superficies de las embarcaciones sufren terriblemente los altos niveles de rayos UV, que provocan su oxidación. E incluso una embarcación nueva es vulnerable a este daño. La verdad es que, incluso con cera aplicada, los acabados de los yates y embarcaciones pierden la funcionalidad de la superficie en cuestión de semanas. Funciones como el bloqueo de los rayos UV, la resistencia a las manchas y a la sal son las primeras en fallar y siguen disminuyendo considerablemente después de ese tiempo.

    Siempre que la superficie se haya preparado adecuadamente para el tratamiento, el revestimiento cerámico marino Glidecoat ofrecerá una protección óptima del revestimiento original durante un máximo de 18 meses y también permitirá mantener la embarcación con un esfuerzo mínimo. Un simple enjuague o un ligero lavado después de su uso.

    La ciencia detrás del brillo

    En Glidecoat, nos hemos centrado en el desarrollo de soluciones de protección de superficies durante varios años. Basándonos en nuestra propia y extensa experimentación y pruebas, hemos desarrollado la mezcla adecuada de componentes, junto con un proceso de aplicación propio que nos permite proteger una embarcación nueva o restaurar una lancha o yate, a las mismas condiciones de superficie que el día que salió de fábrica.

    El revestimiento nanocerámico es el resultado de una aplicación en la que las propias partículas nanocerámicas construyen una red consistente de moléculas en una superficie.

    Esto hace que esa superficie sea resistente a la corrosión extrema, a los productos químicos y a los rayos UV. También restablece el color, el brillo y la dureza de la superficie. Además, la superficie se vuelve hidrofóbica y repele el agua y la suciedad. Esto significa que se puede limpiar fácilmente con una manguera.

    Una vez aplicado, el revestimiento cerámico marino de Glidecoat seguirá conservando la superficie de su embarcación hasta 18 meses con poco esfuerzo.

    Si está interesado en ver los resultados de los clientes que utilizan nuestro revestimiento cerámico, consulte nuestros estudios de casos y/o


  • Coverage

    We recommend a minimum of 2 coats applied to the surface. The following table serves as a reference when choosing the required amount of Marine Ceramic Coating based on the boat size and surface area.

    Coverage – 2 Coats
    Coating Amount Boat Size Surface Area
    50ml 10′ 60SQFT
    120ml 16′ 144SQFT
    160ml 20′ 192SQFT
    250ml 30′ 300SQFT
    500ml 40′ 600SQFT
    1L Varies* 1200SQFT

    If you require recommendations from our team for your specific boat type, please do not hesitate to reach us at (561) 290-0165 and we will be glad to assist.

    *Because larger boats vary in surface area, we are unable to provide a specific length.

  • Benefits


    The benefits of Glidecoat’s marine ceramic coating include:

    • Protect and enhance new gel coat or paint
    • Creates super hydrophobic surface that repels water, dirt, stains, fish blood, and UV rays
    • Provides a Better Than New finish, increasing gloss and shine!
    • Up to 18 months of protection
    • Makes maintenance a breeze, far superior to wax

    We understand you may want to see results for yourself. Check out our case studies as we currently have 40+ examples of projects completed by our team or local detailers.

  • Reviews (8)

    8 reviews for Revestimiento cerámico marino

    1. Doug Felster

      Our Tiara is a 1996 31 Open. I used 3M Perfect Lite to prepare the surface for Glidecoat. I applied 2 coats to all the surfaces. All she needs this season is a wash and a wipe down using the Maintenance Bundle. You have me Sold on your product. For a 70 year old DIYer it’s a breeze to apply your product. I have recommended Glidecoat to all my boating friends.

    2. Don P.

      I was very skeptical about the claims of marine ceramic coating. However, I pulled the trigger and had it done to my very faded and chalky ’97 Tiara. Believe me when I tell you, the gelcoat on my boat was in bad shape! The crew from NLS Yacht Solutions in Ft Lauderdale spent several days prepping the boat and did a fantastic job. I am quite satisfied with the final product. The Glidecoat Ceramic coating was originally done in February of this year and it still beads water like it was just applied !! No wax job has ever lasted anywhere near that. Yes, the initial job is expensive due to the amount of labor involved to compound and polish the hull and topsides in preparation to apply the ceramic. But in the long run, it lasts so much longer than any wax that has ever been applied. If you can afford to do it, I would highly recommend contacting Glidecoat and have your boat professionally prepped and the ceramic applied.

    3. Anthony L. (verified owner)

      Easy on and off. Prep is everything.

    4. Daniel G (verified owner)

      Love it. I have a bass boat I done and he has been keeping up with the hours on the water and we are going to do a video on it very soon. He has logged over 100 hrs in the water and washed it once and it still looks like it did when it left my shop. I am hoping that this video demonstrates to my future customers the ease of keeping a boat clean and book some more boats before this summer.

    5. Luis L. (verified owner)

      Hello Sean, my name is Lou L, I have been a personal friend of Doug Murray for over thirty years. I recently had him apply Glidecoat marine ceramic to a 2021 SeaDoo GTX Limited 300 that I purchased in Upstate NY. My plan was to take the machine to my home in Marco Island after the first of the new year. Doug knowing how fussy I am gave me the ultimate ceramic application. Not only did he demonstrate the quality of your product, his application was a work of art with no evidence of missed areas while masking spots to not have build up or noticeable edges. I could not have been happier when I picked the machine up from his house.
      I was able to tow the machine from Syracuse, NY to Marco Island, FL without a nick, chip, scratch or blemish for the entire 1,500 miles with “NO COVER” the entire way. A testament to the durability of your product.
      When in FL, I needed to have a warranty performed in Naples, FL at Power Lodge Motorsports. When I brought the machine to their service lane for inspection, the service advisor, service manager, a technician and owner could not believe the visual appearance of the machine. While I am very fussy with how it looks, at that point I had put nothing but water on the machine after the 1,500 mile tow so I was pretty proud of their compliments.
      Little did I know that they would be most impressed after they sea-trialed the machine in a pond / swamp out back behind their dealership. I had told them when I left the machine, no soap, no brushes, no chamois, just rinse it with a hose and I will take it from there!
      When I returned to pick it up, they prefaced they had NEVER seen a machine rinse so clean coming out of the water and were blown away by the appearance after just rinsing. Once again I stress my satisfaction with the Glidecoat product.
      I am now totally 100% a believer in the product and more importantly Doug’s ability to apply it and take such pride in that application. Not only do I own the first 2021 SeaDoo in FL to have Glidecoat applied, others with more knowledge in ceramic coat than I have seem to have set it apart in its overall appearance from others they have seen in the past.
      That’s impressive and leaves me with a good feeling. Thanks to you, Doug and the entire team at Glidecoat for caring about your customers and their overall experience.

    6. Zac (verified owner)

      Zac Griffith – Stuff works amazing, I was skeptical but not now. Salt sand muck and mud it all washes off with no issues at all.

    7. KC Stilling

      Outstanding product!
      Our 2012 Glastron was starting to look like “an eight year old boat”.
      Now it looks better than ever!
      * Be diligent in proper preparation.
      The results are worth it.

    8. Paul Westhorpe (verified owner)

      Spent the morning applying two coats. Thus stuff is legit! I’ll send pics tomorrow. Works exactly as advertised

      Thank you,


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