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Ceramic coatings and nano technology products are here to stay. Join the movement in the market by becoming an authorized Glidecoat dealer for your local market.

Here at Glidecoat, we have developed tested and proven professional grade ceramic coatings and nano technology products for the one of the harshest environments in the world (South Florida).

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The advantages of becoming an authorized Glidecoat Dealer include;

• Offer professional grade ceramic coatings for the Marine, Automotive and Aviation markets

• Offer full range of nano technology products including polymers, compounds, polishes and more for all of your customers needs

• Access to Dealer Pricing

• Online access to case studies, detailed cost analysis breakdowns to assist quoting ceramic coating applications, print material, proposal templates, logos, videos, training tools and sample ads

• Initial Print Material Kit

• Lead Nurturing/Generation

• Marketing Allocation

• Ability to provide Glidecoat’s 18-month warranty

• Dealer Training & Support

• And more!

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