Case Study
1 Year Update – Protecting Props
Underwater Marine Growth is No Match for Glidecoat Prop Optimizer


Captain Francisco Gonzalez continually had problems with finding the right solution for yacht props to prevent from marine growth. Years ago, he reached out to Glidecoat to understand about our Prop Optimizer to help alleviate his problems.

During our initial discussion, he mentioned how other products he tried would burn off within two months of applying and that wasn't sufficient for the boat usage as the boat is routinely used and pulled annually.

For this case study, we wanted to share the results directly from Francisco and how well our nano ceramic coating performed the last year since his last application.

Fort Lauderdale
Prop Sizes
Twin 48" Props

The harsh environment underwater makes it incredibly difficult to protect props and running gear from marine growth. As a result, picking the correct anti-fouling product for the yacht propeller and running gear has become a difficult process. Add to that, the EPA has developed strict regulations for anti-fouling paints and there are few other alternatives that provide both results and longevity.

Four bladed prop with marine growth sitting in the water
Example of a prop without any protection and marine growth covering the blades and running gear.
Four bladed prop with two blades treading with Glidecoat Prop Optimizer and two blades untreated with mud and marine growth
Side-by-side comparison of a prop with Glidecoat Prop Optimizer applied on two blades compared to untreated blades.
The Process

As with any of our ceramic coating products, the results of the product is dependent on thorough prep and application steps.

Here are two photos of the props back in 2018 after Francisco applied Prop Optimizer



To achieve these results, Captain Francisco went through a multi-step process, including;

1). Remove any rust, oxidization and marine growth from surface areas to be coated starting with 120 or 150 grit sand paper

2). Go back over areas to be coated with 220 grit sand paper ensuring all areas are sanded including the bevel where the blades attach.

3). Apply Glidecoat Surface Wipe, wiping down all areas of the prop including the bevel and all blades

4). When the prop is dry, apply a dime size of Glidecoat Prop Optimizer to the application sponge and wipe across each blade. After applying to each blade, wipe any excess off with a clean microfiber towel.

5). After the prop has set for 10-45 minutes or when the prop is dry to the touch, repeat the application process again, going from blade to blade and coating all surface areas. This process will be repeated so that you have a minimum of 3 coats over the entire prop. More coats may be applied, but a minimum of 3 coats should be applied to achieve the desired results.

Diagram with four steps to show the entire restoration process including wash & prep, surface restoration, surface preparation and coating application
Glidecoat Prop Optimizer creates a barrier that protects the metal from growth but also protects against abrasion and turbulence that blasts off other soft coatings.

As you can tell, the prep and application process takes time to complete, but as shown in the photos below, provides great protection for the props and running gear from marine growth for at least 12 months.

The Result
I have been using Prop Optimizer for six years now on a surface drive application. I used to burn the other products off my props within the first two months of use. Prop Optimizer not only doesn’t burn off, it lasts for the entire year and it truly allows no growth to stick. No barnacles, no worms. Truly amazing product.
Francisco Gonzalez

As shown in the photos below, after 1 year with Prop Optimizer applied, neither of the props had any marine growth. Francisco has been continually impressed the results of our ceramic coating and each year re-applies Prop Optimizer to protect the props and running gear.

Thank you Francisco for sharing your story and good luck!

Photo of one of the twin props after one year in the water. No marine growth!

Francisco getting ready to prep the props before re-applying Glidecoat Prop Optimizer.

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