Case Study
This “Wolfe” Leads the Pack for Shine…
52' Viking Yacht Ceramic Coating Protection


The boat owner of "Sea Wolfe" a 52' Viking initially learned about yacht ceramic coating protection from Peter Maryott an Authorized Glidecoat Dealer at Oyster Harbors Marine.

As the Viking was enjoying the winter months just down the road from our office, Peter and the owner wanted to the yacht ceramic coating protection application completed after the holidays to enjoy the boat for the rest of the winter.

For this particular project, the owner wanted the several sections on the top side completed including;

• Stern
• Brow
• Rails
• Superstructure
• Tower
• Radar arch

Boat Brand:
Length Overall:
Singer Island, FL

This particular boat provided a number of challenges during the preparation process such as yellow staining located on the port side of the superstructure from a rusting windshield wiper, the considerable amount of surface on the top side including the multiple levels on the tower and highly exposed areas like the brow.

An important distinction for boat owners when they are evaluating yacht ceramic coating protection applications is the specific sections they are intending to protect and the sheer amount of time to complete. As a golden rule, it typically takes 2 times longer to complete the top side than the hull.

When we first step onto a yacht, the initially process is to take photos and gloss meter readings to check the shine on the surface. As shown below, our lowest reading on the top side of the 52' Viking was 24.0.

With low gloss meter readings on the surface, it immediately indicates the project will require several preparation buffing steps to boost the shine, sterilize the surface, then two (2) coatings of our ceramic coating to all surfaces. As you can imagine, completing several steps on every part of fiberglass on the top side is a time consuming activity.

But, well worth it, once you see the finish product!

This boat presented a unique challenge with noticeable yellow stains on the fiberglass near the windshield and was the direct result of a rusting windshield wiper.
24.0 gloss meter reading on the brow of the Viking
Gloss meter reading of 24.0 on the brow of the Viking. To provide a frame of reference, a brand new boat typically has gloss meter readings ranging from 80 - 88. This section of the boat typically has low gloss meter readings if no properly protected because of the constant sun exposure.
The Process

Considering the extensive amount of surface on the top side of the 52' Viking boat, three team members tackled the yacht ceramic coating protection application over the course of 81 hours.

The process started with our medium nano compound to all of the fiberglass surface on the top side. One of the advantages with our medium nano compound is the great finish and shine all the while providing enough cut to remove oxidization and imperfections.

Once the shine of the surface has been restored, we use our Surface Wipe decontaminate followed by two coats of our nano ceramic coating.

The Result

The final result of "Sea Wolfe" were spectacular!

We started with a yacht that had yellow staining and low gloss meter readings of 24.0 and after completing our multi-step preparation and yacht ceramic coating protection application the gloss meter readings jumped all the way up to 101!

Don't mind us as we do the happy dance. That's the highest reading to date!

101 gloss meter reading after complete restoration and Glidecoat yacht ceramic coating protection application.

Port side of 52' Viking docked at marina after Glidecoat yacht ceramic coating protection application

Great shine on the port side after Glidecoat yacht ceramic coating protection application.

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