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Returning a Boat to its Former Color and Luster with Glidecoat Top Coating

Posted by Glidecoat

The 2003 29-foot SeaVee had been sitting at the same dock in South Florida for 13 years. It was used primarily for fishing and cruising in South Florida waters two to three times a month. A diver did a monthly dive on the boat to clean the props, running gear and hull, but beyond that, there had been little maintenance. There was rust and staining on both sides of the hull and topsides. The stainless steel engine room vents had rust stains going down both sides of the hull. The hull also had scaling and hard water spots towards the bow. The topsides had areas of tree sap staining and also areas of fish-blood stains.

The owner was considering painting the boat at a cost of nearly $10,000 until he happened across Glidecoat’s Professional Top Coating process which, for his boat, was about 20 percent of the cost of painting.

Once finished, you could see a tremendous transformation in the boat. The biggest change, however, was not just restoring the boat’s color and luster but how the coating made the boat hydrophobic, so now dirt, salt, and fish blood stayed on top of the surface instead of being absorbed into it, and it was easily removed when rinsed with water.

Read the full case study of the top coating here.

Video Transcript

The boat is severely sun-damaged and has rust and other staining on both sides of the hull - gloss meter reading of 1.3GU.

  • Wash and thoroughly clean with Glidecoat Nano Wash.
  • Use Glidecoat Nano Compound and Polish to remove surface oxidation, debris, and scratches.
  • Apply Glidecoat Surface Wipe with a clean towel to decontaminate surface before next step.
  • Use application sponge to apply Glidecoat Top Coating in small 24" by 24" area at a time.
  • Then immediately buff out area with a clean microfiber towel for a uniform shine.
  • Repeat this process on the entire boat overlapping all areas to ensure complete coverage.

After Glidecoat Top Coating the boat had a staggering 94.2GU reading - BETTER THAN NEW!