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Glidecoat Marine Ceramic Coating Re-Application After 4 Years

Posted by Glidecoat

After and incredible 4 years of protection from Glidecoat Marine Ceramic, it is time to re-apply. Brad, with the assistance of his detailer Craig, re-apply Glidecoat Marine Ceramic to this 2015 50′ Maritimo M50 Motor Yacht with amazing results – “Looks like just a super deep gloss… looks like you could read a newspaper in it!”

Video Transcript

2015 50' Maritimo M50 Motor Yacht
Original Glidecoat Ceramic Applied - April, 2016
Reapplication by Owner - June, 2020
Assisted by Craig - Detailer

Video Shot by Brad B. - Boat Owner

Brad: This is Craig with Boater's Choice Detailing, down here in the beautiful Gulf Coast of Gulf Shores, Alabama. We just finished doing a 2015 Maritimo. It had the Glidecoat product on it. It was put on when the boat was purchased back in 2016, April of 2016. So it lasted 4 years. We're gonna take a little walk around the boat here so you can kinda see.

The people at Glidecoat were kind enough to send us a glossmeter. And with Craig's expertise, we were able to polish to a lot of places had 98 reflectance. We even had some 102's for reflectance before we did the final steps. It's like just a super deep gloss. Looks like you could read a newspaper on it.