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Client Reaction After Ceramic Coating Re-Application

Posted by Glidecoat

Dean Waite is the owner of a 2003 29′ SeaVee. The SeaVee had been sitting at the same dock in South Florida for 13 years, with very little maintenance done during that time. The boat was wet sanded 4 years ago and this had removed a significant portion of the gel coat. Dean was considering painting the boat at a cost of nearly $10,000 until he happened across Glidecoat’s Professional Top Coating process. We coated Dean’s boat in 2016 and after 30 months, Dean reached out to us for re-application. In the above video, Dean shares his reaction after the Glidecoat marine grade ceramic coating reapplication in January 2019.

Video Transcript

CHRISTIAN: Alright, so we're here with Dean. We just got finished doing the re-application of Glidecoat on the SeaVee. Dean, what are you... what's your reaction to the re-application and how it turned out.

DEAN: It's absolutely amazing, looks like a mirrored finish on the side of the boat as I'm looking at it. Because we done it 30 months ago, there was enough product left on the surface of the boat to be able to accomplish this in about 30 percent less time. It's amazing.

CHRISTIAN: So the first time we did the application on Dean's boat, there was a lot of oxidization, we had to do three to four steps buffing on the hull and similar on the top side, so it took us 3 to 4 days. On the re-application, because we had already laid a lot of groundwork and did the heavy lifting, when we did the re-application, we didn't have to take any oxidization out. So we, as Dean said, saved 30% of the time and completed the boat in two days as opposed to four with doing a lot less steps because we were essentially cleaning the surface with a light buff instead of having to remove any oxidization. And the outcome speaks for itself.

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