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Ceramic Coating Your New Boat

Posted by Glidecoat
Even a factory new boat will have swirl marks and light scratches. We use a glossmeter to measure the shine and find that new boats will average around 85GU. After a polish with Glidecoat Nano Polish and two coats of Marine Ceramic Coating, the boat will hit 95GU or higher on the glossmeter. The best part though is that the ceramic coating will keep it looking better than factory new for 18-24 months with little maintenance.

Video Transcript

Christian: How are you doing? This is Christian Westhorpe here with Glidecoat and today we've got a 2020 38 Tiara LX. Brand new boat. Customer has just taken ownership of it and a question that we get a lot from people is "What... I've got a brand new boat, can I just slap a coating on it and go from there. Don't have to do any buffing... it's brand new?"

Today we're going to go through kind of the steps we like to do on a brand new boat and show you why there is still some prep involved with a brand new boat. We've got a lot of swirl marks, a lot of light scratches on the surface that come from the factory when they just take it out of the mold and do some buffing on it. Also, we use our glossmeter to show the shine of the surface. Even a brand new boat can be enhanced with our application process and ceramic coating. So this boat brand new, has got a painted hull and the glossmeter readings are averaging right around 86. So we've got as low as 84 and as high as 88. After doing our whole application process, we're going to get that up into the 90's which is better than a brand new boat.