Marine Ceramic Coating

Climatic conditions have proven to be very harsh on today’s yachts, boats, and watercraft. High UV levels, acid rain, dirt, and salt in the air require an almost endless amount of maintenance. All boats on the water employ marine gel coat or paint, polished metal, fabrics, and canvas. All of which suffer from corrosion and damage caused by salt, dirt, and UV rays.

Examples of a boat with significant wear caused by salt, dirt and UV.
The Challenge

There have been many advances in marine technology like joystick docking, night vision, and cartography along with many others. However, the way we maintain our boat has not changed at all. We still use wax to protect against UV damage and maintain the overall appearance. Wax being a soft material is easily broken down by the sun, salt, and dirt. It also does not entirely stop the UV rays from breaking down the gel coat or paint and damaging them. Depending on your geographic location, you could have to wax your boat every three months just to maintain the appearance of your boat! White areas show the damage less, but today’s boat styles often utilize many colors. Color fading can increase the need for frequent waxing and regular maintenance to keep its fresh appearance.

A boat goes through many stages in its life cycle; periods of constant maintenance mixed with periods of heavy usage and periods of little or no use at all. Through its life-cycle, the gel coat and paint will always be dealing with the elements. Every time the gel coat or paint gets chalky, buffing and waxing are done to return its luster and shine. Following this process, however, is slowly breaking down the layers of gel coat or paint. Continuing down this road will eventually lead to the costly job of re-painting. Here at Glidecoat, we have discovered a better way.

The Solution


Glidecoat has become the leader in the next generation of Ceramic Coating protection by using state of the art materials and science. We have engineered a range of products that utilize Smart Surface Technology. Now not just creating an unbeatable luster and shine but also making the surface more functional. Glidecoat uses Nano-technology and state of the art polymers to fill in the microscopic pores and scratches on surfaces like marine gel coat, marine paint, and polished metal like stainless steel and brass. Our professional ceramic coatings make your boat’s surface hydrophobic and super smooth. Contaminates like dirt, salt, and fish blood can be rinsed away because they are not absorbed into the surface, they are actually sitting on top of it.

Glidecoat is a hard coating, unlike wax and other polishes. A Glidecoat surface is diamond-hard creating a barrier that, depending on your location and climate, will last for up to 18 months. The hard polymer coating also reflects UV rays instead of dampening them like wax, giving you maximum protection. Now you can restore dark and light colors that are chalky and sun-faded to a more vibrant, deeper color with a better-than-new shine.

The boat looks brand new and totally exceeds my wildest expectations.
Captain Kelly
The same boat as depicted above, following the Glidecoat Professional Top Coating.
DIY Products

Glidecoat’s Marine Ceramic Coating has been developed to make the application process straight forward and something the average boat owner can do themselves. For DIY’ers the trick to applying our ceramic coating is the preparation. It is essential that the boat is fully restored, using a good wash, compounding, and polishing to remove any oxidization, stains, salt, watermarks, etc. To make this easy, we have created a Top Coating Kit. Included are all of the materials you need to compound, polish, and apply a ceramic coating to a 29′ center console boat. For different sized boats don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 561-290-0165 or email us at

For new boats, at a minimum, we suggest a light polish before application. In this case, we recommend purchasing the Marine Ceramic Coating separately.

To view a video of the entire process required to ceramic coat your boat, please watch this video –

    Professional Marine Ceramic Coating Benefits

  • Faded or chalky color restoration
  • Diamond hard coating for durability
  • Transforms surface to be hydrophobic for easy maintenance
  • Cost effective alternative to re-painting
  • Stops polished metal from rusting and tarnishing
  • Reflects UV rays to provide long-term protection from sun damage
  • Repels stains from bird droppings and pollen
  • Stops mold by sealing the pours from water retention
Before picture of a boat with significant wear and tear.
The same boat following a Glidecoat Professional Top Coating.
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Glidecoat ceramic coating products needs to be applied by a Certified Applicator. To get a quote please contact us.

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