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The Process

Glidecoat is a four stage process, completed by certified applicators in a controlled environment.

Initial Preparation

This involves the inspection of the craft and the use of various instruments to measure the paint surface thickness, establish base GU rating exposure and other parameters.


Once the craft has completed inspection and surface testing it is washed using Glidecoat Nano Wash to remove the surface contaminates.

Surface Restoration

After Nano Washing the craft, the surface is then treated with Glidecoat Surface Compound, which removes any added contaminates, but also restores the surface removing roughness, layers of UV damage and other imperfections.

Surface Preparation

Here the surface is specially treated with Glidecoat Surface Wipe to completely decontaminate and prepare the surface for the final stage of the Glidecoat Process, that of applying the Gidecoat Crystal Nano Coating.

Glidecoat Coating

The Gidecoat Crystal Nano Coating is applied by a Certified Applicator and will measure 2 microns thick. This coating will protect the craft for up to 5 years*, preserving that factory look and finish.

*individual results may vary depending upon the initial condition of the surface being treated.