Glidecoat, the developers of a range of smart surface technology nano-coating products, have once again redefined the marine market with the introduction of their cutting-edge Prop Optimizer anti-fouling coating.

Representing the “next generation” of anti-fouling products, Prop Optimizer utilizes Nano Polymer technology to seal microscopic pores, scratches and nicks on the vessel’s running gear and propeller. It creates a diamond-hard, smooth surface that prevents marine growth—including barnacles, zebra mussels and tubeworms—from adhering.

Unlike other anti-fouling products on the market, Prop Optimizer not only stops the growth in its tracks but it also protects the metal against abrasions and the inherent turbulence that have traditionally impeded the performance of soft coatings.

Lasting up to two years, Prop Optimizer is a simple, smart, multi-seasonal solution to your anti-fouling needs. It seamlessly applies to myriad propeller surfaces, including stainless steel, bronze and Nibral. There is also no need to strip the propeller when recoating, drastically saving time.

This cutting-edge product will also improve your propeller’s efficiency by eliminating drag. Less then 1 micron thick, Prop Optimizer prevents performance loss and balancing issues. This leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, saving hundreds of dollars.

The benefits do not stop there. Prop Optimizer is significantly kinder to the environment than traditional anti-fouling coatings as it is made without harmful chemicals and toxins.

Prop Optimizer is available at a Marine dealer near you and online at The kit retails for $165 and includes everything you need for an easy application and fresh start.

Glidecoat is a registered trademark of Onan Technologies, established in 2012. The company utilizes innovative technology to produce Nano-coatings for both aviation and marine vessels. The technique involves the application of 4 products that can fully restore any craft to its original condition.