Are you attending the Palm Beach International Boat Show this week?

If you are, take a few minutes to stop by and meet the Glidecoat team. Our booth is located in prime real estate, Nautical Ventures AquaZone, in the Flagler Park Amphitheater.

Nautical Ventures AquaZone - PBIBS

During the show, in co-operation with Nautical Ventures we will be showcasing a 2017 18′ Glasstream 180cc that half of the boat has been applied with the Glidecoat Top Coating Kit to demonstrate the transformation with our ceramic nano coating product compared to untreated surface of the boat.

After applying Glidecoat Top Coating Kit to 2017 18' Glassstream 180cc

After applying Glidecoat Top Coating Kit to 2017 18′ Glassstream 180cc

If you ever been interested to see how our product works in person, we hope you take the opportunity to come by and see the results.

See you later this week.

Glidecoat Team