Glidecoat, the Smart Surface Technology provider of Nano Coating, is now revolutionizing the inflatable marine vessel industry with Glidecoat Inflatable coating—and industry leaders are praising its benefits.

“Amazing, smooth and extremely durable,” is how chief executive officer of Argos Nautics, Ignacio Vadillo, described the innovative new product.

The manufacturer of a fleet of luxury inflatables was experiencing a myriad of issues, above and below the water, before discovering the benefits of Glidecoat Inflatable coating, saying, “In the Caribbean sun the material gets damaged very easily. It has a ten-year warranty, but the color fades quickly and once it gets algae or barnacles it gets really damaged.”

Glidecoat was the immediate solution to both of Argos Nautics issues according to the CEO, “Its amazing. You get a very, very smooth surface, the color doesn’t change, in fact, it looks brighter, very nice.”

Inflatable’s exclusive formulation also repelled both algae and barnacle’s ability to adhere to the rubberized material. Designed specifically for the needs of the inflatable boat industry, Nano-polymers seal the pores in the material and protect against damaging UV rays. Independent lab results verify inflatable boats treated with Glidecoat Inflatable have 45% less color loss and fading after a year of high-intensity UV exposure.

The benefits, however, do not stop there according to Glidecoat managing director Paul Westhorpe, “Our Inflatable product was developed expressly for the needs of the inflatable boat industry and its specific needs. It not only protects against the elements and sea life, but also soft impacts, all while increasing the lifespan of the material by 25%. This is our contribution to the industry and it is effective.”

Vadillo, who has twenty years experience in the boat manufacturing industry, was so impressed by the effectiveness of Glidecoat Inflatables that he intends to coat all of Argos Nautics Inflatables with the product from this point forward.

Glidecoat Inflatable kit is available at your local Marine Dealer and online at The kit includes everything you need for an easy application and fresh start.

Glidecoat is a registered trademark of Onan Technologies, established in 2012. The company utilizes innovative technology to produce Nano-coatings for both aviation and marine vessels.