Case Study
The Coastal Bay “Miracle”
Complete Restoration Using Glidecoat Ceramic Coating and Restoration Products


Leigh Olson has owned the Coastal Bay Action Craft since 2014, but hasn’t been able to restore the boat. He tried multiple products with little luck, but following Glidecoat completing a full boat restoration and application of our Professional Grade Ceramic Coating, Leigh couldn’t believe the difference.

Action Craft
Coastal 2310
23' 7"
Leigh Olson

The black hull had faded, adding a halo around the old boat name. The hull also suffered from multiple fine scratches and fender rash. In addition, the gel coat throughout the hull and topsides was chalky and sun-damaged.

Leigh had tried compounding and waxing with several products but was not able to remove the white haze on the hull, nor could he get a consistent shine or color. The gel coat on the hull and topsides had also become very porous. There were clear stains from dirt, rust, and fish blood throughout the deck. The staining had become so bad the owner gave up on trying to keep the boat clean.

Faded and oxidized black color of starboard hull
The side of the Coastal Bay shows significant wear to the gelcoat.
Port side of oxidized and faded black hull on Coastal Bay boat
Before Glidecoat restoration, you can see the prominent fading and scratches.
The Process

The Glidecoat restoration process started with an acid wash of the entire boat to remove all the stains and dirt. Once completed the boat was then taken through a four-step compound and polishing process that brought the gel coat back to a smooth consistent surface.

Diagram with four steps to show the entire restoration process including wash & prep, surface restoration, surface preparation and coating application
The Glidecoat ceramic coating process is four stages completed by our certified applicators in a controlled environment.

Two coats of Glidecoat Ceramic Coating were applied to the gel coat and hull, restoring the color and shine.

The Result
I did not think it could ever look that good.

The overall appearance had been changed, but also the functionality of the boat. Now all the gel coat had become hydrophobic and none porous, helping to reduce ongoing maintenance. The aluminum tower had a restored shine and was now protected against pitting and tarnishing. The outcome of this project shows not just how the Glidecoat can restore the appearance but also how it changes the surface to a super smooth easy to maintain condition.

Reflection and restoring black color for Coastal Bay boat

The Coastal Bay Action Craft after Glidecoat Restoration. The appearance has dramatically changed.

Reflection and restoring black color for Coastal Bay boat

Close-up shot of the restored logo.